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Mission Statement

Develop lifelong workforce skills by connecting young people to the earth, cultures, and traditions through historic preservation work and outdoor service.


Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps combines two powerful experiences; exploring history through hands-on preservation and the unique transformation that happens to young people who work together toward a common goal. The potential is here to build a program that will serve the state for years by preserving, sharing and connecting young adults to historic places in a life transforming way. Service projects have their own special magic of blending places and people together and, overtime, changing both.

Preserving these historic places will be something that the Corpsmembers will carry with them for a lifetime. They will share it with their kids and grandkids, taking field trips to the sites they worked at and telling stories like "in the summer of 2015, we worked hard all day in the heat, slept on the ground, cooked our food on a camp stove... and oh by the way... we made a difference! We built that wall, fixed that building, and learned what life was like back in the day! The best part is that I made some friends for a lifetime and really gained a valuable appreciation of what it takes to keep the past from disappearing-a lot of hard work!"

Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps reflects "stewardship" in that it preserves historic structures and sites whose presence is essential to explaining Minnesota’s history. It shows "innovation" in that this is the first and only conservation corps effort in Minnesota, and one of few in the country, devoted strictly to historic preservation, and engagement with those people and entities devoted to preservation. It reflects a strategic priority of the Minnesota Historical Society in how it will develop "meaningful relationships with adults as lifelong learners...."



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