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Mission Statement

Inspiring innovation and advancing best practices amongst youth while enhancing their living standards in qualitative and quantitative terms so as to integrate them to participate in the mainstream society through collaboration, cooperation, training, and technical assistance



People Empowering People (PEP) Africa: is an international initiative which actively involves young people and empowers them with skills and tools needed to create POSITIVE change in communities. Accredited in 2003 as; a Cameroon non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical and a public humanitarian youth organization committed for the development of underserved, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, creed, cast, class or ethnicity. We work with stakeholders to support a wide-range of initiatives in: innovative educational and experiential projects that build leadership, health and environmental awareness, as well as development and social services for the underrepresented population, green initiatives, community gardens, arts and culture designed to assist young people and serve youths with fewer opportunities. We offer first-hand opportunities to encourage inter-country exchange and co-operation for students, leaders of NGO’s, professionals and cultural bodies around the world. We are engaging with young people as equal partners by providing opportunities for them to participate in public life, to be innovative, Involve young people as advocates, researchers and peer educators, expand and reinvigorate sexual and reproductive health policies and programs to meet the needs of young people, including youth friendly services that address youths issues. We train young people to be leaders and others who engage with young people to provide youth-friendly services. We have reached 16,000 young people reached through the Heart Connection Tour in schools. created 3,586 agents4change during the first ever dance4life, distributed 10000 condoms with support from Durex SSL International, train 109 youths through our 12-week personal development Team programs to help gain key workplace skills and confidence, involved 52 to explore and test their ideas, write plans and start their own projects or achieve alternative outcomes in education, training, volunteering or work. We have provide many young people with ongoing mentor support as part of the leadership programs and 307 youths have been provided with intensive training and experience across the nonprofit sector through our "Get Into" program. Through our "Get Started" programs we have engaged 2438 youths in the area of sports and the arts, bread production, performing arts, sawing, hear dressing, apiculture and boosting self-esteem and 80 young people 13-to 19-year olds have benefited from our program boost confidence and provide skills for young people risk of school exclusion to succeed. We works in partnership with over 50 operational and strategic partners; these include delivery partners such as Universities, colleges, Social welfare and services, enterprises, Law enforcements, schools running our programs and 110 organisations offering alternatives education for young people/youths. We have successfully contributed to several major international HIV/AIDS Conferences and UN Youth Summits. Between now and 2019, we want to implement the concept in 16 Countries and empower 5000 youths as agents4change with reusable live skills lessons.



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