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Mission Statement

The Juvenile Hall Auxiliary is a small community based non-profit organization designed to assist the at-risk, foster care, and abused or abandoned youth of Contra Costa County; in anyway we are able. We help them to become productive citizens in our community.


When you compare the Auxiliary to other non-profits, we are like a few small drops in a very large bucket. But even small drops can dramatically alter the landscape over time. The Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility has a baseball field, a swimming pool, a refurbished fish pond and the Dugout restaurant, just a few of our completed projects. We hope someday to add a running track to the list. At Juvenile Hall, we support the bedtime readers, the Betty Frandsen Library and the Mount McKinley High School student of the week program. We provide Christmas gifts, birthday presents, and the extras, like summer camp for kids on probation and Thanksgiving baskets for their families. One of our most worthwhile endeavors is the scholarship program, which is designed to help kids with college or vocational training. We are currently supporting an astounding (17) students; which includes two graduations in May and a third student who has been accepted to Law school. Constructing an outdoor play area for the residents of Juvenile Hall is now our top priority.



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by Ruth T. (2010-07-09 09:00:23.0)
The volunteer team and the customers are all so happy to be there. Why, you ask? Because the store is different than any other 2nd hand store. We have no overhead so our prices are much lower than other shops. We're only open 2 days a week for 4 hours one day and 7 hours the other. You will always find the place packed with fresh donations and droves of customers. It's nice to work for an organization that puts ALL the money to good use. We are also very 'Green' in our recycling habits. We don't throw unwanted donations in the landfill. There are regular events at the store with mountains of goods given away. All of our left-overs are recycled if possible. We also have the luxury of unlimited storage space. Blankets can be stored for winter sales and summer items don't get tossed just because they are out of season. I love costumes and weird clothes so our weird clothing dept. is one of my favorites spots. We have 5 rooms of dress-up clothes open year round. What's not to like?