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Mission Statement

As the result of the political and social events of its recent history, Cambodia’s social and ethical values of centuries were systematically destroyed, resulting in the majority of people living in poverty with very few opportunities to improve their situation.

This is particularly evident in the rural areas of Cambodia. Youths, both boys and especially girls, often suffer from the effects of lack of education, low self esteem and self confidence which can often lead to alienation from families and social networks, crime, violence and perpetuation of the poverty cycle.

The Our Objective Organization (O.O.O.) was founded in 2006, to provide low cost English language education program to poor rural youth, which is supplemented by programs focusing on motivation and self worth, self confidence and discipline. In the short term, this provides opportunities for youth to improve their own situation in life, and in the long term contribute to improving the human resource in Cambodia.

The Our Objective Organization is a Khmer run NGO, registered with the Ministry of Interior .


We want to see a prosperous community where citizens responsibly take part in managing their on development works.


We empower community members especially children and youths to achieve their own self-determination in resolving their own problems, through co-operation with local organizations.


To contribute to the ensured sustainable livelihood of community members.


  • To enable interns to become leaders through center-based education and appropriate support regarding leadership characteristic development;
  • To enable interns to become entrepreneurs through center-based education and appropriate support regarding entrepreneurship characteristic development;
  • To contribute to promotion of early child education through provision of human resource and partnership with other organizations;
  • To improve capacity of communities to adapt to climate change through partnership with other organizations.


- Partnership - Initiative
- Integrity - Teamwork
- Good will - Perseverance
- Diversification - Relationship
- Innovativeness - Respect


ABOUT OUR OBJECTIVE ORGANISATION Our Objective Organization (O.O.O.) was founded as a non-profit and non-partisan organisation and registered under Khmer law in 2006. The organisation has become partners with the Ministry of Education, Youths and Sports (MoEYS) and the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training since 2011.O.O.O has a main centre is located in Takeo Town in Takeo Province, Cambodia (approximately 75 Km from Phnom Penh). The centre is able to accommodate live-in students from the provinces, non-live in part time training, and an administration headquarters. O.O.O. also operates several smaller school branches in other rural areas. O.O.O’s strategy directly challenges the personal factors that perpetuate poverty and unemployment, seeking to replace them with more positive and productive characteristics.

The aim of O.O.O is to provide students with English competency skills and a more positive and constructive set of attitudes and behaviors, together with effective job skills. As confident and educated youths, they can make a significant contribution to the reconstruction and development of Cambodian society and the economy.

Since 2006, the Our Objective Organisation has successfully trained at least 3000 interns who were previously school drop-outs. Over 90% of them became employed themselves, following their involvements with the Youths Empowerment Project (Y.E.P.).

The target group is youth from poor families in the rural areas, both boys and girls (primarily school drop outs) from the ages of 13 years to 25 years old.

O.O.O recognizes the importance of evaluating its programs and continuously monitors their effectiveness, in order to identify and correct weaknesses as well as recognize and replicate its strengths. This is undertaken with programmed evaluation 'lessons learned’ meetings between administration, teaching staff and volunteers.

O.O.O is successful because it utilizes the skills of youths who were O.O.O students. These youths not only understand the background of O.O.O and students attitudes, but they also realize and practice the benefits the program has brought them e.g. a peer-to-peer education system. This ensures that O.O.O's approaches and messages have immediate credibility with the students.

Some of the special features of the O.O.O are its:
  • strictly gender balanced enrolment system - equal enrolments of boys and girls
  • live in program where new found attitudes are put into practice every day
  • human development and empowerment, life skills and personal value focus as part of the overall program
  • significant involvement by graduates in the ongoing operation and functioning of the school, some becoming teachers with in the organization both in the main center and in smaller rural based branches
  • student friendly, non formal education package
  • youth awareness of the relevant social issues
  • community involvement - students often perform community services during the program, thus creating a culture they are not passive recipients of the program but are repaying society for the training that they
    are receiving.
O.O.O. activities are financed through private donations, support from volunteer organizations and private volunteers, fees from live in and part time students students, fund raising activities and survey work for the wider community and community organizations (fee - fee basis).



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