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Mission Statement

El Arte Sano is a Language and Cultural Center located in Urubamba, Peru. We are a small team of energetic, dedicated professionals, teachers, and volunteers who are committed to empowering the local population here with the language skills they need to benefit from the thriving tourism industry here in Peru. Our language programs are paired with our cultural programs, created to encourage learning about and sharing cultures from all over the world. We provide a space for all members of the community, local, ex-pat, and tourist alike, to come together and share traditions from their home and learn about customs from Peru and around the globe. Lastly, we integrate language and culture in our social programs which bring our mission outside our walls and into local schools in our community in the form of theatre classes and other cultural and language workshops.


We are a Language School

Primarily, El Arte Sano provides language classes for local Peruvians, as well as travelers and tourists just passing through. We provide classes in English, French, Quecha, Spanish, and German.

Our most prominent courses are English and the entire program covers 2 years, broken into 4 sections, each lasting for six months: basic, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced. Upon completion of each 6 month program, students have the chance to take an exam and earn a certificate which they can then use to gain employment in the lucrative tourism industry.

We also host a weekly language exchange to bring together local Urubambinos with native English speakers so that both can practice their conversation in English or Spanish while learning about and sharing each others cultures and different perspectives.

We are a Cultural Center

El Arte Sano also holds many and varied cultural programs for all ages, from children to adults. We have classes and workshops focused on traditional Peruvian instruments such as the Quena, or wooden flute, theatre, guitar, yoga, dance, capoeira, documentary filmmaking, karate, and many more. Anything could be going on at any time of the year!

We are constantly looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to share a skill or tradition, and we are happy to provide the workshop space.


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