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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Regis Jesuit High School,
a Catholic educational community,
affirms the uniqueness and dignity of individuals,
inspires the pursuit of excellence,
fosters faith and a commitment to service and justice,
and strives to develop a connection to the world community.

The Graduate at Graduation

Regis Jesuit High School will provide a college preparatory education for young men and young women. The hallmark of Jesuit education is cura personalis, the care and concern for the individual. This educational community provides a student-centered environment in which each individual can develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. Regis Jesuit aims to form a community of individuals who demand more of themselves and who strive to achieve excellence in all their endeavors by being Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Religious, Loving and Committed to Doing Justice.


Regis Jesuit graduates have the maturity to take responsibility for their own actions and growth. Graduates know that learning is a life-long process of intellectual, spiritual, and personal development. Graduates understand that having experiences outside of their worldview are important to their development. For example, the Regis Jesuit graduates:

  • Grow in self-awareness by understanding their intellectual, spiritual, and personal talents and limitations.
  • Seek to comprehend their experiences of God, others, self, and creation through self-reflection and action.

Regis Jesuit graduates master those academic requirements necessary for advancing their formal education and skillfully using the fundamental tools of learning. Moreover, graduates realize the need to practice intellectual integrity. For example, Regis Jesuit graduates:

  • Master the essential knowledge presented in curricular and extracurricular experiences which reflect a diverse and broad worldview.
  • Clearly articulate and effectively utilize the knowledge gained in classes with sensitivity and insight into the challenges facing the individual, the students’ immediate community and the world community.
  • Live in the light of the education received at Regis Jesuit and pursue a reflective and introspective life. They actively apply this knowledge to the issues facing the world community and respond to those issues with new and creative solutions.

Regis Jesuit graduates, through study of the Roman Catholic faith, will come to know and experience God as one who understands and loves them completely and is there for them through their suffering and joy. Graduates have a deep understanding of and respect for their own religious traditions and those of others. They also have a strong foundation in personal prayer, spirituality, moral conscience and religious conviction. For example, Regis Jesuit graduates:

  • Seek to know God by proclaiming and responding to His love through the scriptures and especially through Jesus Christ in the Gospels and the Holy Spirit in prayer and in daily life.
  • Seek to love God by encountering Jesus Christ in the Church and the sacraments, especially Reconciliation and Eucharist.
  • Seek to serve God by proclaiming Jesus’ unconditional love in every encounter of their daily lives by living the Gospel message through service to others.

Regis Jesuit graduates move beyond self-interest and self-centeredness. They are confident and seek deeper levels of relationships in which one can disclose feelings, accept the mystery of another person, and cherish that person. For example, Regis Jesuit graduates:

  • Experience God’s love and respond by loving self, family, friends, members of the school community, the poor and the suffering as people of God.
  • Understand that love gives witness to faith and speaks out through action and service on behalf of a world community for justice, love and peace.
  • Are empathetic with the thoughts and feelings of others, are more sensitive to the beauty of the created universe, and are more caring about life and the natural environment.
  • Overcome personal prejudices and other stereotypes and more readily cherish the differences of others.

Regis Jesuit graduates acquire the awareness, skills and motivation necessary to live as Men and Women with and for Others who are leaders through service in imitation of Christ Jesus. For example, Regis Jesuit graduates:

  • Realize that their own selfish tendencies are obstacles to doing justice and replace those attitudes with understanding, acceptance, generosity and compassion for others.
  • Are committed to justice that is grounded in the knowledge of the roots of injustice in social institutions, attitudes and customs and understand the values of a consumer society can be in conflict with the demands of a just society and the Gospel.
  • Express their empathy for others and a commitment to doing justice by voluntarily engaging in service.


Regis Jesuit High School is haveing their major Fundraiser/ Dinner/ Auction for 2015. This event will be fat the The Plaza at the Denver Mart.

We will need help in clean-up and break down of the event. This should start at approximatly 10:00 and last until 1:00.



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