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Mission Statement

Our mission is to teach every girl to lead a healthy life by listening to her inner voice, valuing her uniqueness, learning to love movement and discovering the finish line is just the beginning.



The Mini Mermaid Running Club (MMRC), est, 2009 is a unique running club for girls ranging in age from 5 - 15 years. Our goal is to help build self-esteem, teach healthy eating and living skills while giving girls a chance to fall in love with running, moving their bodies and experiencing the satisfaction of crossing a finish line.

The MMRC program was developed through a collaboration of professional women in the fields of health, nutrition, education, fitness and mental health. Studies have shown that girls' self-esteem peaks when they are 9 years old, then takes a nose dive.*

The Mini Mermaid Running Club begins in 2nd grade when girls are, on average, 7 years old. We begin to address self esteem issues BEFORE girls reach the peak age of 9 when self-esteem begins to wane.

Our goal is to provide all girls with strategies to combat feelings of insecurity and tools to build self esteem, thus empowering them to make better choices in the future. Gaining the confidence to move your body at a young age is key to offsetting childhood obesity.


During our six week curriculum w e teach the girls the value of excercise and moving their bodies regardless of their size, shape or ability. The workouts are not focused on being first or running fast, but rather on each girl finding her OWN PACE so that they can run their OWN RACE.

By using post-program evaluation, we are able to determine each girls’ development and shift in perspective. We assess if they learned the value of respecting themselves and others and their sense of accomplishment from goal setting, developing the self discipline to work towards their 5k race and having the tenacity and teamwork to cheer each other along the way.



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