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Mission Statement

Purpose and Mission

Siamese Cat Rescue Center's mission is to "Rescue abused and abandoned Siamese cats and rehome them in carefully screened, permanent homes." S ince its inception in 1998, the Siamese Cat Rescue Center (SCRC) has now offered assistance their services to over 190 shelters throughout the east coast, as well as to individuals and families needing to rehome their cats. SCRC utilizes Shelter Contacts, Transporters and Foster Homes to identify, pick-up, vet and house Siamese cats in need of rescue until a permanent situation for them can be found. Utilizing the Internet to provide and exchange information quickly allows us to serve 75-125 cats at any one time, with an average placement rate of 50-60 cats a month. Prospective homes are carefully screened via reference checks, vet record verification and lengthy interviews, after which careful personality matches are made to ensure the best possible placement for each rescued Siamese. All cats are fully vetted including spay/neuter prior to placement. Follow-up calls are made and mentoring is available for families experiencing adjustment difficulties with their new cat. Any placements not working to the benefit of the adopter and the cat re-enter the program and are rehomed into a situation better suited for that cat.

Siamese Cat Rescue Center exists entirely on grants and donations, and to this purpose various fundraising programs and events are held on an annual basis. Our Fall Festival, Dedication of Lights, Rescue calendar and the Internet Retail Store are just a few of the many ways we work to raise money to keep the program funded. Additionally, State Coordinators in many states attend cat shows where both retail items and volunteer crafts are sold to support our efforts and work hard to spread the word to find new adopters and donors.

The Siamese Cat Rescue Center also serves as a Rescue model for other regional Rescue groups interested in following in our footsteps. To this extent, webspace and business tools are provided at no charge to groups demonstrating the interest, ability and dedication required to run a non-profit organization. The Texas, Colorado and California organizations, while separately funded individually governed non-profit organizations, follow the Ethics and Guidelines statement included herein and work as team players in our combined efforts to save as many Siamese across the country as we can.

While Rescue of any sort can be a heart-wrenching business, requiring tough moral and business decisions on a nearly daily basis, we are blessed with a strong, involved Board of Directors and a multitude of talented Committee folk who work hard to ensure we maintain a quality program as we head into the future. The dedication of these and our countless other volunteers are, we feel, the most important ingredient in our continued success and our ability to rescue more Meezers each year.


SCRC has a shelter facility located in Locust Dale, VA, about 1.5 hours southwest of Washington DC and 45 miles west of Fredericksburg, and foster homes throughout the Eastern US, from Florida to New Hampshire to Indiana & Tennessee. The shelter is open by appointment only, Monday through Sunday. Because our turnover of cats is so great, we suggest you complete the adoption paperwork prior to coming to visit, as we can't hold cats for folks unless they are approved adopters.
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The shelter houses up to 50 cats at a time, in a home-like environment, where the cats are allowed to roam freely within the facility following a 7-10 day isolation period. Another 100 cats are located with Fosters in 18+ states throughout the Eastern US. All cats have been tested for FeLV and FIV, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, and spayed or neutered. Daily interaction with these cats enables us to be successful (2.5% return rate, 100% placement rate) in matching personalities of these cats with adoptive homes' expectations and situations.



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