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Mission Statement

To demonstrate Jesus love through helping develop disabled children their highest potential through holistic approach and to have equal rights, opportunities, good quality of life and full integration into mainstream society.


CCD's Objectives

To develop the physical, mental, emotional and social skills of children with disabilities and special needs.

  1. To enable special needs children to be self-sufficient and integrated into society rather than spend a life in an institutional setting.
  2. To enable those children to take advantage of government help schemes.
  3. To educate families and communities about the needs of children with disabilities and special needs.
  4. To provide those children with necessary life and social skills.

CCD's aim is to demonstrate Jesus' love by helping to develop disabled children to their highest potential through a holistic approach and to ensure that disabled children have equal rights, opportunities and a good quality of life in Thailand. CCD welcomes international and local volunteers (both professional and non-professional) to work alongside CCD staff.

Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD) provides help to some of the many thousands of children in Thailand who have been abandoned or have been given to the government to care for by families too poor to support them...

In 1986 CCD's work was started by Christian Outreach for Relief & Development (CORD), UK. In 1997 CORD helped establish CCD as a Thai NGO as part of a process of localization. CCD was registered with the Thai Office of the National Culture Commission (registration foundation # T. 83-2540).

At first CCD worked exclusively within the Pakkred Government Home for disabled children. In 1998 a Community Based Program (CBR) was established in Nakhorn Pathom Province. CCD continues to be based in Pakkred, Nonthaburi. In 2007 a new CBR program is in the process of opening in Patthum Thani and Nonthaburi Province. CCD is managed by a predominantly Thai Board. Mr. Wasan Saenwian is CCD's Executive Director. 86% of financial support comes from donations from within Thailand and abroad.

One of CCD's goals is to locate and reunite the children we work with their birth parents. Disabled children in Thailand are abandoned for various reasons. Some parents are teenagers that cannot handle the responsibility of caring for a disabled child while other parents cannot afford to stay at home to look after a severely disabled child. Whatever the reason for their abandonment, CCD believes it is still beneficial for the children to know their birth families

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

CCD has developed an extensive CBR program in Nakhom Pathom (one hour away from CCD offices) under the excellent leadership of Khun Suchada. With limited means she has developed a program that is reaching over 400 families with disabled children living at home. With CCD resources disabled children and adults receive rehabilitation equipment, form parent support groups, learn their legal rights to receive government aid and have easier access to medical attention. It has been such a successful project that government officials are encouraging CCD to expand the program to include Nonthaburi. Since the opening of the new Rainbow Rehabilitation Centre in March 2004 the day-care has received five children from the nearby Pakkred community. The parents travel only 10 to 20 minutes to reach the centre. Costs for children to attend are free or nominal depending of the family's economic circumstances. In 2005 a parent support group has formed with six families. CCD hopes that the increasing trend to keep disabled children at home will make institutional living obsolete in a few years.



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