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Mission Statement

We carry out our mission through our partner organizations and volunteers who go to the streets in order to find, stabilize, and otherwise help homeless and at risk youth improve their lives.

Our focus goes beyond street outreach and extends to deterrence, research, resources, seminars, training and workshops that we provide to the communities and via the Internet.

Although our slogan is "Advocating for America's Youth," our endeavors are towards all homeless and at risk children no matter their geographical location.

They needs us now!!

Our volunteers at IYN are dedicating their lives and time to helping them get off the street, and away from the threat of becoming, one more death, one more rape, one more crime, one more suicide, one more desperate act that sends them to prison or their death.


There are an estimated 1.6 to 1.7 million homeless children under 18 walking the streets of American cities alone, of this 1.6 to 1.7 million there is an estimated 4,000 under 18 and an estimated 4,000 between the the ages of 18 and 21 on any given day walking the streets of San Diego, California.

63% of runaway and homeless youth are never reported or sought after by guardians.

22% to 44% of their parents abuse drugs or alcohol, leading to domestic violence and conflicts.

If you don’t personally know someone living on the streets, it’s easy to pretend youth homelessness isn't a problem. It is a problem, and it affects millions of normal kids every day. It’s time for us to wake up and pay attention to these kids.

Each of these kids have their own story of why they are homeless among those stories are throwaway children by parents who could no longer afford them, mental, physical and sexual abuse at home or school.

The kids that are able to survive street life have their own way of surviving chief among them is selling their bodies to survive both female and male, theft and everything thrown in between. Many of these kids do not have a clean set of clothes, no personal hygiene items, no way to shower and go without food for days.

They sleep with the elements, rain, snow, cold, hot, four legged predators and needless to say two legged predators as well. How am I sure of this at the age of nine when my parents deserted me I was one of these kids.

One thing that you can count on with these kids they spend a great deal of time being afraid, scared, lonely and crying.

The Invisible Youth Network is here for these kids in every possible way?



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Would you recommend Invisible Youth Network?

by Chris Z. (May 21, 2009)
This is a group of truly dedicated, caring, and inspirational people. They believe whole-heartedly in what they are doing and it is an honor to share in their passion. They make a real difference to homeless kids out there and without them there would be far more hungry and hopeless children out there. When you join in their cause, you have the opportunity to make a REAL difference to REAL kids with REAL problems. Long live IYN!
by Michele S. from PR (May 7, 2009)
100% of all donations made to Invisible Youth Network goes towards improving the lives of homeless and at risk youth. Invisible Youth Network provides much more than basic, immediate necessities. On going services, programs and resources are provided as well ,in my opinion, this will lead to a brighter future for many homeless and at risk youth.
by Heather B. from Bartow, FL (May 3, 2009)
They Give 100 percent of the dontaions to their Cause. Their are caring and wonderful people here. If you want invest your time or money this Great place to do it.
by Russell T. H. from San Diego, CA (Administrator for this Organization) (February 13, 2010)
The Invisible Youth Network will be three years old on March 26, 2009. During this period of time our membership is bordering on 10,000 nationwide. We have many programs online and in the communities addressing and responding to homeless youth and homeless youth issues, as well we are one of the few organizations that are there exclusively for homeless youth. We have opened-up many new youth related volunteer opportunities that provides training. Our street outreach programs have made a huge difference in the lives of homeless youth. we are in the process of putting together some youth drop-in centers with emergency shelters. In the last three years I think we have done well and will continue to do so on behalf of homeless youth.
Previously Flagged and Approved
by Nathalie F. from Marion, IA (July 25, 2008)
IYN has great ideals that I agree with completely. For a long time, I loved this organization. However, I feel that this organization doesn't get around to doing much and my time is better spent else where. A lot of times, I felt like some people were scared to voice their opinions because of the atmosphere of the organization... I don't mean to be rude or put down the organization, merely to voice my opinion.