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Regenerative Sciences Institute (RSI) is a hybrid research/educational organization that provides a fertile ground for igniting the imagination of young minds and making fundamental discoveries. RSI thoroughly integrates pedagogy and scientific investigation: education through scientific discovery and entrepreneurship and research through hands-on experience. RSI is defining the emerging discipline of Regenerative Biology by fostering scientific cooperation and creating a singular environment to acquire necessary skills and conducting original hi-tech-inspired research on regeneration and aging. To spur discovery and create solutions for urgent unmet medical needs, RSI nurtures the symbiotic relationship between basic and applied research to develop novel technologies at the interface between regenerative medicine, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, systems biology, and stem cell biology.


Regenerative Sciences Institute is helping to define the emerging discipline of Regenerative Biology by fostering scientific cooperation and creating a unique environment where innovative minds can do original research with the goal of defeating aging by enhancing regenerative processes. Advances in Regenerative Biology are likely to revolutionize medicine: eventually we may be able to regenerate organs as complex as the heart or central nervous system and circumvent dysfunction associated with aging.

We hope to help catalyze such advances by promoting the integrated use of the latest technologies from Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology. We have been involved in research centered on Synthetic Biology, before the name was applied to creating new and complex biological systems. We are currently involved in developing Synthetic Biology technology compatible with our goals for ending aging through regeneration. Not only do we bring together leading researchers in Regenerative and Stem Cell Biology with workers creating cutting-edge technologies, but we also seek to create a research environment where original thinkers such as young people just beginning their careers or innovative older scientists starved for funding, can "think outside the box" and pursue exciting work that would be unlikely to be funded by conventional means.


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