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Mission Statement

To the best of our ability and resources, we will correct deficient housing conditions for persons in our immediate area who lack the recourses or physical or mental abilities to correct the problem themselves. This includes widows, widowers, the disabled and disadvantaged with significant health problems, safety, or quality of life issues. Projects will be limited to single-family owner-occupied residences. Our immediate area includes Forrest, Lamar, and Perry counties in Mississippi or other nearby areas designated by our contributors.


We have 23 homes on our waiting list right now and enough money budgeted for 2008 to complete 16 of those projects. About half of these homes have some Katrina damage. Our biggest expense is labor. You don't have to be a professional, although we welcome any subcontractors, builders, or handymen especially. The people we help would do it themselves, only can't for one reason or another. For example a wheelchair-bound beneficiary could not fix the leak on their roof, replace soggy ceiling tiles and sheetrock/insulation, and paint over that. For every hour you paint, that's $17 for Project #17 in 2008.

We hope to get a photoshow together soon. Until then, just e-mail if you would like to view some of our projects.

Additionally our board has recently approved a $200 expenditure to secure a domain and host it, and we are looking for someone to volunteer to design our site.

We have our 501(c)(3) status, and we do provide letters of receipt to volunteers who document their time with the Executive Director, who is at every project.

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