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Mission Statement

Africans in America for Restitution and Repatriation (AA4RR) will be an operational advocate for its human rights "Restitution and Repatriation Diplomacy Campaign" for the repatriation of African Diaspora in the United States to Africa. As a charitable, Non Governmental Organization, AA4RR will monitor the actions of governments and pressure them to act according to human rights principles. The organization's objectives is to safeguard the rights of African Diaspora within the United States; strengthening the unity of the Diaspora; acting for the benefit of Diaspora before governmental and international bodies; cooperating with the world community by promoting universal ideals of self-determination and right of return under international law. These endeavors and activities are charitable in nature in that they address human rights issues.


AA4RR Restitution and Repatriation Diplomacy campaign will introduce new strategies and initiatives for closer collaboration between the African Union, its member states and African Diaspora in the United States. Our strategy will be to advocate repatriation/resettlement services and establish Diaspora communities in Africa. The communities will provide crucial support for repatriates and family members. AA4RR will recommend that the US, the African Union and its member states explore opportunities for providing financial and institutional support to assist in the development of sustainable repatriate communities in Africa. AA4RR will initiate plans for an International Staffing and Business HUB for Repatriates where Professional repatriates of the highest standards will be place in jobs across African Sectors in mining, oil and gas, engineering, banking, finance, legal, commodities and agriculture. The broad understanding is that the African Diaspora should be directly involved in activities of the African Union, and these strategies and initiatives should be put in place for the Diaspora to partner with the African Union and its member countries to advocate economic and social development in Africa. AA4RR plans to work closely with governments, the African Union, other non-government organizations to advocate and operate its Campaign. AA4RR will seek funding from various sources.



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