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Mission Statement

The core mission of our organization is to share love and give chances to poor children in our neighborhood. Chances to pursue success and dream a bigger future! We believe that everyone’s dream and passion deserves a chance and that it holds limitless potential to change lives. We wish to help and empower all individuals to discover their potential and to pursue their dreams.


  • Purposes:
  • To provide learning opportunity to children of the low-income household
  • To reduce learning gap between children from poor- and rich- families
  • Target group: The children and teenagers of low-income immigrant families
  • Types of instruction: Individual tutoring, Small group class, Team projects
  • Learning Programs: SMART square activities (Science, Math, Art, Reading/Writing, Technology)
  • Classschedule:
  • Jul. 2nd (Mon) ~ Aug. 24th (Fri.) (8 weeks)
  • 5 days/week (Mon. ~ Fri.), 3:30~6pm (2.5hrs/day)
  • Location: Light Community Church (Palisades Park. NJ)

We will do our best to make this community better place to live for all children and future generations by providing quality educational opportunity.


Average Review 4 reviews

Would you recommend Give Chances?

by Erica M. (2018-08-23 17:09:18.0)
This volunteer opportunity is very convenient for my busy schedule. Give Chances is very cooperative with volunteers' schedules. The center is very welcoming, and I became very close with the students as well as other volunteers within the first week. Give Chances also lets the tutor and student have a personal one-to-one connection by letting the tutor lead the child the way that they think is best with guidelines. I believe this experience hightened my leadership skills while having a lot of fun myself. I would highly recommend this volunteer experience to anyone.
by Jiwon L. (2018-08-23 14:33:14.0)
I’ve been working with Give Chances for almost a year now. During school and summer I try to come more than once a week and I’ve enjoyed tutoring the children. I’ve had a chance to learn together with the kids and have fun as well in group activities, game days and trips. I look forward to the upcoming years, working with Give Chances as the previous year has been a good experience.
by Kuk Hyun C. (2018-06-22 07:55:47.0)
I worked in Give Chances for more than two years, and volunteering for the kids with the teachers is always a great experience. The kids are always optimistic and kind, the the environment is great to work with everyone. The most important thing is to teach the kids and Give Chances is great at doing just that. I would definitely recommend the program to anybody else.
by Michael P. (2018-06-19 15:43:37.0)
I've volunteered with Give Chances whenever I've been back from school. The kids are lovely and the head teachers and supervisors are extremely nice, caring, and dedicated to their purpose. I've enjoyed my time with them and always came away from the experience feeling like I got to make a genuine connection with the kids I taught, and have a positive impact on their lives. I would absolutely recommend volunteering here to anyone else.