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Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to provide a cadre level of trained units and equipment capable of expanding in times of necessity to protect life and property, and preserving peace, order, and public safety.

In order to accomplish this role PAMR units are trained in the military tradition.


We have previously stated that this present day organization... was started several years ago by, and under the direction and leadership of Eric M. Harwood. From that period in 1995 until today, the Pennsylvania Military Reserve (PAMR) is differentiated by two separate but joined entities. PASMR Inc., which is a federally sanctioned 501 (C) (3) "volunteer" organization, that raises funding for the separated entity-the PENNSYLVANIA MILITARY RESERVE (PAMR).

From its very beginning, this organization continues to grow and to develop and with the help of many. We are successfully making strides as we actively pursue the State Legislature, requesting official sanction as the "recognized" or "reconstituted" Pennsylvania Guard. The following constitute some of our most recent accomplishments to date:

1. Adaptation and augmentation of various regulations

2. Various "Standing Operating Procedures or SOP's

3. A Basic Training Program

4. A Basic NCO Course

5. The Basic Leadership and Management Course for Officers, Warrant Officers and Senior NCO's

6. The Basic Aerial Observers Course

7. The Advanced Aerial Observers Course

8. Other training will be available in Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT), Search and Rescue, and other FEMA and Red Cross certification courses that enable this organization to perform critical and other beneficial services to this state and to its citizens.

The PAMR is putting together a complete package that we can present to the State Legislature as well as other state municipalities and organizations etc. It is important that you realize that the PAMR is no "RENEGADE MILITIA" but a organization comprised of distinguished and capable volunteers, many of us having retired from the Uniformed Services of the United States, seeking to be recognized as the long dormant, Pennsylvania Guard-the "recognized" Pennsylvania State Defense Force.



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by Tom S. (June 9, 2011)
I joined PASMR some years ago, as it was initialy forming under Harwood. As a retired Amy officer I wished to continue to serve after my 28 years. I was with the organizaton for about one year, during whih we did nothing really constructive or of service to anyone. I decided that it was more of a social club, and stopped attending meetings. To the best of my knowledge PASMR has no state or federal recognition or standing whatsoever. When I knew it it was run more as a hobby for a selet few meembers. If you are approahed to join this oranization hek them out very refully.