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Mission Statement

The organization specializes in building programs worldwide for children effected by trauma. Playing to Live!’s mission is to provide child centered support through utilizing creative arts therapy techniques and providing research and evaluation in order to prove the importance and progression of the creative arts therapy’s field. The organization specializes in building programs globally for children effected by trauma through customizing programs that targets the child’s needs in terms of emotional and psychological healing, working alongside the community in order to insure cultural relevance and cultural empowerment, and building assessments and evaluations to maintain growth.


Playing to Live! current focus is in:

Playing to Live, as of October 2014, has pledged to utilize their resources towards the effort to provide programming to children who have been affected by Ebola in West Africa. The environments, in which have been targeted by Liberian officials and Playing to Live!’s directors as the highest need, are the interim care centers (ICCs) and communities that house Ebola survivors and children who have been highly stigmatized. Playing to Live has begun hiring female Ebola survivors to act as the implementors of our programming, so that we are able to provide employment and support towards the healing and growth the community as a whole. Playing to Live! will continue to use research techniques and their clinical team to work towards the goals of cultural relevance and empowerment, efficient and concise reporting and evaluation, publication and advocacy, and continued growth and development to follow the Ebola crisis and recovery.

Playing to Live! has been approached by multiple organizations in West Africa and outside who have connections to children in trauma who need support.

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