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Mission Statement

RUYOLSUDEV is dedicated to the plight of children and more importantly reading and writing to widen children opportunities of employment after school and to solve the problem of poverty. We have been involved in Education/training of children in Cameroon since the creation of our organization in 1997. Dealing with children with learning disabilities has been our main challenge. In general, the great aim of education should be to develop to the full the individual possibilities of every child in accordance with the laws of God, and hence to the general good of the community. In many parts of Cameroon education is however still in its infancy, and there are many problems to be overcome and many misunderstanding to be straightened out before we can say that we are on the road to the fulfillment of that aim. Often children with learning disabilities are excluded from society or dismissed from schools for being different or what school heads will justify their dismissal as being academically unfit. Often these children’s needs are not recognized and they are thought to have little to contribute to their community. But this exclusion reduces children abilities to learn, grow and develop. It rather increase unemployment, poverty, discrimination etc. They are disadvantage twice over. Attending local school is the main way of ensuring that all children are included in the society.


Rural Youth Leadership & Sustainable Development is a not-for profit organisation dedicated to the plight of youths in Cameroon. To better handle some of our objective we have developed a centre well known as 'ICT Training Centre for Special Needs Educators’.

The Project: ICT Training Centre for Specific Needs Educators is being developed to understand and put in place strategies for inclusive education. Addressing Special Needs in the classroom is vital to put the policy of inclusive education into practice for these teachers for special needs education and support. In Cameroon there is very limited experience in special needs education. Children with learning difficulties are therefore bundled with other children in the same classes where teachers do not have the training to cope with learning differences. The teachers are not trained in how to teach children with special needs. In particular, learning difficulties in subjects like mathematics, language are not given the attention required. The teachers are unaware of the underlying cause of such difficulties.

It is against this backdrop that this project was initiated with the objective of equipping teachers of primary and secondary schools with the skills to teach children with a range of learning difficulties.

Using internet and other technology innovation to support education or social change in the community is to have catalytic effect on the number of children with learning difficulties and quality of learning. We believe that if people have ability to access, share and create information, then they are empowered to make positive changes in their lives and community. It is well understood that the gap between the rich and the poor in Cameroon is widening. Technology has the potential both to widen and narrow the gap. The power of teachers to affect change is heavily depend upon the level of information they are able to access. This ICT Centre has the potential to aid development in all sectors, by increasing access to information, aiding communication and enhancing choice of learning. We need volunteers to help us in teaching in this well developed centre.



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