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Mission Statement

Green Guerrillas Against Greenwash (GGAG) is a citizen group formed out of disgust for PG&E's 'Lets Green This City' greenwashing campaign that attempts to associate the gas and nuclear energy company as environmentally-friendly. We are further outraged at PG&E's attempt to prevent cities from implementing policies - such as Community Choice Aggregation - that provide hopeful alternatives to PG&E's dirty energy. By holding high-profile actions and guerrilla ad-busting, we focus on embarrassing PG&E and exposing their plans to undermine truly green legislation.


PG$E's energy is NOT green. Check out the Facts:

  • Feasability studies find the Bay Area has solar and wind capacity to meet 50% of San Francisco's energy by 2017...without raising customer costs.
  • PG&E aims to increase its renewable energy by the legally mandated minimum of 1% a year. It does this by outsourcing it. (See this.)
  • PG&E's $4.9 billion budget for generation and distribution does not include a single dollar for solar or wind. This is true for its 4-yr plan through 2010. You can run a search for 'solar' and 'wind' and 'renewable' and get a total of less than 10 results. Then run a search for 'nuclear' and see how many times it is mentioned in the document. (Long document, we recommend searching by keywords - 'solar', 'wind', 'nuclear', '4.9' See: General Rate Case, CPUC Proceeding A0512002)
  • PG&E praises itself for its work on energy efficiency & giving out efficient lightbulbs - when all of that is legally required and funded by our tax money (see: Public Goods Charge on your monthly bill).
  • PG&E endorsed climate change legislation because compared to future presidents, Bush is likely be more "sensitive to the needs of business," explains PG&E CEO Peter Darbee. (See pg. 2 of New York Times article, 1/19/07)
  • PG&E is aggressively lobbying for nuclear energy to be the 'green' solution to climate change, despite the fact that there is no safe solution in sight for the nuclear waste it leaves behind for 240,000 years. (See pg. 108 the $800,000 bill you're being charged to fund the nuclear lobbying association General Rate Case)



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