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Mission Statement

QSAC's mission is to help individuals with an autism spectrum disorder to live meaningful and fulfilled lives in our society. To accomplish this goal QSAC develops and provides educational, habilitation, residential, support, and recreational programs to meet the needs of persons with autism and their families. QSAC aims to help foster and develop a personal sense of worth and dignity for all of our consumers. Accordingly, QSAC provides and maintains the highest level of professional services that utilize the most innovative therapeutic techniques. QSAC continually strives to develop a better public understanding of the needs of individuals with autism, and to foster a feeling of responsibility among the public for the well being of the autism community. QSAC is committed to assisting our consumers in becoming independent and productive members of their communities.


Today, QSAC is an award-winning organization and leader in the provision of services to persons with autism and their families. Over 2,000 people benefit yearly from our programs, including over 894 individuals with autism who receive direct services. QSAC services range from Early Intervention and Preschool Programs for young children to Day Programs and Residential Services for adults. Many of them represent challenging cases referred to QSAC by the Board of Education and NYS Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities. By offering services that incorporate the latest therapeutic techniques, QSAC makes lasting changes in the lives of the individuals we serve. QSAC also provides educational and support services to family members and caregivers of persons with autism. All of the services provided by QSAC are geared towards providing those with autism with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to lead a more independent, productive and fulfilled life. QSAC has over 1,800 individuals waiting for an opening in any given program.

Current programs and accomplishments

After School Programs : The goal of this program is to enhance each student's communication and social skills while decreasing inappropriate behavior using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).
Day Habilitation Programs : Individualized skills training and behavior management programs for adults with autism. Consumers spend a portion of their day working on skills that enhance their ability to live independent, productive and fulfilling lives. Consumers then practice the skills they learn in the community, in local businesses and in recreational settings. Participants also volunteer at local community centers and businesses.
Day School : Provides children between the ages of 5 and 21 with educational services using proven instructional techniques such as Applied Behavior Analysis.
Early Intervention : Provides families and children with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, from birth to 3 years of age, with therapy, special instruction and service coordination. Services take place either at home or in community settings.
Family Reimbursement Program & Emergency Respite Fund : Provides compensation to parents for goods and services, transportation costs or emergency respite, not covered by any other funding.
In-Home Respite Services : Offers a brief period of relief to parents who care for a disabled loved one at home. A specially trained worker comes to the consumer's home to care for the individual, and engages them in a variety of educational and/or recreational activities.
Parent Training Program : Features a twelve session in-home training program designed to teach parents how to effectively educate and manage their child's behavior using the principles of ABA .
Preschool Program : Provides a comprehensive education to 3 and 4 year old children on the autism spectrum using the principles of ABA . The program also provides speech therapy in accordance with each child's Individualized Education Program (IEP).
Preschool Evaluations : QSAC offers Preschool Evaluations to determine a child's eligibility for Preschool Special Education Services.
Residential Habilitation Program : is an individualized behavior management and training program that takes place in the consumer's home. Consumers work one to one with a Habilitation Specialist.
Residential Services : QSAC's residential services feature both Individual Residential Alternatives and an Intermediate Care Facility.
Saturday Recreation Program : Operates approximately 40 Saturdays a year, from 11am to 3pm . The program provides on-site recreational activities as well as community outings for children between the ages of 4 to 21.
Service Coordination : Offers an individualized and comprehensive approach to service delivery whereby trained staff assists a family in securing all of the entitlements (services and money) that are available for their child.
Special Education Itinerant Teacher Program (SEIT ): Provides educational services to preschool children with disabilities. SEIT services are delivered by a certified special education teacher in the home or in a mainstream preschool program.
Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS ): Provides educational services to school-age children with disabilities. SETSS services are delivered by a certified special education teacher in the home or in a mainstream preschool program.
Support Groups : In these forums, family members are able to share their successes, disappointments, hopes and anxieties that arise from caring for their child with autism.
Weekend Respite Program : Provides participants with an enjoyable weekend full of fun, outings and recreational activities, including bowling, movies, and trips to a Dude Ranch.



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