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Mission Statement

New Women New Yorkers (NWNY) is a cross-community nonprofit organization empowering young women immigrants from underserved communities in New York City.

Through our programs we provide these young women immigrants with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to pursue better educational and professional opportunities, and to become agents of change in and for their communities.


NWNY is a cross-community organization

One of the organization’s key goals is to build strong bonds between young women immigrants coming from different national, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.
Cross-community projects and activities help reduce inter-group prejudice and promote community relations.
Also, an environment where women do not share the same native language will stimulate the use of English to communicate, while making it less intimidating.Although New Women New Yorkers will not offer ESL classes, it will incorporate the English language component in all projects and activities in an innovative and effective way.

NWNY’s target audience are young women immigrants in the 16-35 age range

The 16-35 age range is a key period in the life of any woman, a time of significant identity development and decision-making, both in the personal and family realms, as well as with regard to educational and professional advancement. There are gaps in providing services to women immigrants in this age range, particularly for young mothers.

NWNY’s current and upcoming programs are guided by the concept of transformative leadership

Many young women immigrants suffer from discrimination and abuse, but they shouldn’t be seen only as victims.
They can be important and positive contributors to their family and children, community, and host society, if only given the opportunity and support they need to explore and realize their talents and aspirations.
The key goals of NWNY’s current and upcoming programs are to help young women immigrants develop their potential, and become mentors and role-models for other young women immigrants.


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