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Mission Statement

Our mission is to ASSIST people suffering from severe disabilities through the very complicated federal application; to effectively and efficiently obtain their benefits as soon as possible in order to stabilize their monetary circumstances since they can no longer support themselves or their families through work.


Many of us have encountered the Social Security Administration’s disability application process but few truly understand how and why benefits are approved. We may know someone who is severely disabled who has tried, been denied, lost their benefits, or maybe has just given up "fighting the government". The process is complex, lengthy and can be overwhelming to those already suffering from disabling conditions, chronic pain, poverty and lack of access to services. Now imagine that same person experiencing homelessness and perhaps is suffering from severe mental illness trying to navigate the sea of government documents, deadlines and demands without someone to help. We are that help.

This work is a big missing piece in the social service arena. It requires a good understanding of the system. Most people do not realize that disability benefits ARE obtainable in the initial stage of the process and are essential to securing basic needs such as stable housing, ongoing medical care and continued access to services for our clients, patients and family members. Beneficiaries are "consumers" again once benefits are approved. These federal and state funds go directly back into the local economy with a positive ripple effect that "benefits" everyone.


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