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Mission Statement

The objective of the Ghana Education Project is to improve the lives and futures of youth through education. It is committed to helping communities establish self-sustaining educational programs that give youth the opportunities to pursue higher levels of education and thus higher standards of living, as well as to provide meaningful service opportunities for American students. In support of its main objective, the GEP is committed to the following principles and projects:

  • To work in close cooperation with members of the village community at all times in serving their educational interests;
  • To establish a system of functioning libraries in Ghanaian villages which can be sustained by the village's own resources;
  • To offer tutorial and after-school assistance in established Ghanaian schools;
  • To work in conjunction with local health facilities to promote health education and foster AIDS awareness;
  • To provide American students with a cross-cultural humanitarian experience that will compliment their own domestic education;
  • To establish a scholarship program which will provide for tuition and academic expenses to allow promising but impoverished Ghanaian students to attend their local schools;
  • To respect all Ghanaian cultural standards within our target villages.


The Ghana Education Project was founded in the fall of 1998 as an outgrowth of a grant seven Princeton University students received to do service work in Komenda, Ghana. In conjunction with Nana Kwodo Kru II, the chief of Komenda, these students were able to raise sufficient funds and materials to open a small library in Komenda. Over the course of the summer of 1999, another group returned to live with the community. They worked as tutors in the Komenda Library and in the Senior Secondary School. They also gave a speech to the village about the AIDS epidemic, a serious threat in Sub-Saharan Africa. At the end of that summer, the students from Princeton met with Nana Kru to assess the needs of the community, and the most productive way in which the Ghana Education Project could work with the community to address them.



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