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Mission Statement

HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS and dissidents living in closed societies are risking their lives by defying oppressive dictators. They want our help defending their freedom. Free societies have an abundance of individuals with the skills needed by human rights defenders. Writers, journalists, social media experts, lawyers, tech providers and others are an enormous source of untapped assistance. That’s where Movements.org comes in. Uber realized that anyone can provide transporation. AirBnB made anyone a hotelier. Movements gives everyone the opportunity to help an activist who is fighting for their human rights.


MOVEMENTS.ORG is an innovative platform that taps into
a well of expertise, enabling activists around the world to
associate without restriction. Our crowdsourcing model enables them to connect with organizations and individuals who can help spread awareness, organize campaigns, build websites,
and more.

OUR TECHNOLOGY breaks through traditional boundaries. It delivers concrete help and change bydeveloping a global community for activism.OUR GOAL is to make it as simple as possible for people who care about human rights to get involved, to take action, and to feel empowered. Our strategy is aimed at making human rights a truly universal reality.



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by Vamshi T. (2015-08-07 12:11:01.0)
The Mode of work and the director of advancing human rights is really helpful.. really through in providing requirements/Specifics that needed to develop. Available when needed and very friendly