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Mission Statement

W2C assists veteran families with making the difficult transition from the war front to the home front, creating a better quality of life.


  • we offer two evidence based programs: the Home Life Transition Program, aka HLTP and Resiliency Program. The HLTP is a marital enrichment program specifically focusing on at-risk military behaviors. The Resiliency Program is a multi-week evidence based counseling, respite and training program focused on healing the issues related to PTSD and transitions of warriors and family members.

  • For ~$4,000 per couple and no cost to the veteran family, we lead the HLTP evidence-based four or six-day retreat filled with psycho-education, counseling, respite and the practicing of learned skills. This is provided in a holistic environment for overall wellness of body, mind and spirit and, afterwards, includes ongoing, secure counseling and coaching. Warrior2Citizen combines clinical knowledge with spiritual guidance for a sense of stability.

In August last year the American Psychological Association reported that among post-9/11 veterans tested that screened positively for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), almost 50% reported not seeking clinical or pastoral counseling in the preceding year. It went on to say that combining clinical and pastoral counseling may enhance understanding and help meet the needs of these veterans. The HLTP allows veterans to experience the value of counseling and opens the door to both clinical and pastoral therapy, if needed, as does the Resiliency Program as well.


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