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Mission Statement

The mission of Utah Mentoring Services is to help people master financial and employment life transitions. We coach people on how to improve their financial and employment situations, and we strive to ensure people leave our coaching sessions with the skills needed to maintain what they've learned long-term. How we achieve this mission is through weekly, one-on-one individual and/or group coaching sessions, which are free to attendees. To make access to sessions as convenient as possible for both participants and coaches, sessions are held at community centers, libraries and public spaces throughout the greater Salt Lake City area.


Utah Mentoring Services helps to provide a plan and strategy by helping people obtain financial peace and balance. Our target is to educate people who need financial education, with the accountability from a coach to keep on track creating an established plan. The main focus is to identify debt and follow a structured strategy while receiving/involved in coaching. Solutions will be to get a hold of out of control debt. We teach the participant to confront the financial challenges they are going through, we provide and help them to create a plan and strategy. We are here to help turn things around. Promoting self awareness. UMS is interested in the development of each participant to start their path in taking control of their finances. Changes in the lives of our participant is obtainable. We cover the process why financial budgets are essential and we understand and teach the expenses that destroy a budget. We are passionate about what we are doing. Each participant will receive one-on-one personal coaching from a volunteer that guides the student with structured lessons. We excel in and work with people after the workshop, in the journey to financial control.


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