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Mission Statement

Audubon Minnesota's mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and their habitats, for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diveristy.


Audubon Minnesota is a state office of the National Audubon Society and a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible. Established in 1979, Audubon Minnesota shares Audubon's 100-year heritage of working to protect our environment. While we are part of the national organization, we establish our own statewide programs and pursue our own funding for Minnesota efforts.

Our Goals
Audubon Minnesota's work is strategically focused on accomplishing four goals:

  1. Stabilize or increase populations of at-risk bird species (e.g., cerulean warblers, trumpeter swans, short-eared owls)
  2. Prevent declines in numbers or range area of common native birds (e.g., bobolinks, red-headed woodpeckers, canvasbacks)
  3. Protect and restore essential sites for vulnerable bird species
  4. Improve the health of landscapes that support or could support birds

Our Approach
Audubon Minnesota offers a comprehensive approach to conservation that achieves results by working in the areas of bird conservation, education and policy and across three levels of engagement - local, state, and national.

Bird Conservation

  • Important Bird Areas (IBAs) - The Important Birds Areas program is a global effort to identify and conserve those areas most important to birds. In Minnesota, we have identified over 35 sites that are critical to our state's bird populations as part of over 7,500 sites in nearly 170 countries and continue to evaluate sites to ensure that key habitats in Minnesota are protected. The BIA process also identifies threats and opportunities facing these critical habitats. Through local, state, and national public policy efforts, Audubon Minnesota is working to mitigate these threats. By engaging volunteers in IBA protection, we work to empower volunteers and preserve and restore the environment we share.
  • Conservation of Specific Bird Species - Much of our conservation work is focused on specific bird species. For example, working with others, we monitor the recovery and status of peregrine falcons, ospreys, and bald eagles. We have the longest on-going inventory and monitoring program for red-shouldered hawks on the Mississippi River.


  • Audubon at Home - Through community programs, field trips, bird festivals, and local projects, Audubon Minnesota increases awareness and provides opportunities for action to improve bird friendly-habitats in backyards and neighborhoods.
  • Citizen Science - In an effort to connect people with nature, Audubon Minnesota has an active and growing list of citizen science projects. For over 100 years, Minnesotans have participated in Audubon's Christmas Bird Count and the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Audubon Minnesota is one of the state's most prominent, non-partisan voices for the environment. With a firm foundation in science and a powerful national, state, and grassroots network, we advocate for sound policy that protects birds and their habitat. We do not participate in election activities or other partisan politics, but stress public education and involvement.



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