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Mission Statement

Share and Care's Mission is to enhance the quality of lives of underprivileged Indian Woman and children by supporting programs in the fields of Primary Healthcare and Education.


Strange things happen in life. Twenty-four years ago, we began a journey by shipping 2,000 lbs. of used clothes to India. That first shipment was the product of our passion -- in fact, our burning desire -- to do something more for our home country than merely go through the motions of charitable appearances. And so, Share and Care Foundation was born with the volunteer efforts of six families -- whose collective experience of running a charity could hardly have fit into a matchbox. But, it is true, strange things happen in life. Today, Share and Care has grown into a leading charity organization with a vast network of supporters, patrons and beneficiaries. More than 50 active volunteers are involved in multifaceted projects and services, each year disbursing and monitoring more than $5 million. We have evolved from our early days of modest clothing drives, now we provide medical equipment, food, basic health care, crisis and disaster relief, youth vocational training, internship programs, scholarships and more. Over two decades we have built schools, hospitals, training centers, health camps and blood banks, and sponsored thousands of students seeking an education. As our efforts have grown, so has our credibility. We are no longer a small ethnic organization, regional in scope. Now Share and Care is a recognized name that people trust with their donations and can rely on for help in the most tragic times. Our many community and rehabilitation initiatives have totaled more than $30 million. Though the numbers change every year, our underlying ethos remains the same: to lift up underprivileged children and women faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and set them on the road to a productive life. Through your contributions over these 24 years, you the donors have helped us support communities and organizations striving for self-reliance. We are often asked the secret of our success, and we must credit many factors. Among them are our fanatical conviction that our cause is important, and our driving desire to protect the organization's integrity and credibility at any cost.

It is a good story. Your (the local community's) support has been instrumental in the foundation's growth. However, let us not pat ourselves on the back. Our mission has ongoing challenges. Be it an earthquake, a tragedy like September 11, or the chronic lack of food, clothing, basic health care and educational resources, there are many problems we must keep working to address. But we have faith that, if we all join hands, we can make a difference in this world and leave a strong legacy for the next generation of leaders who will take our mission forward with confidence for twenty four more years -- and beyond.



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