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Mission Statement

Serving as a thrift store to enable Future And A Hope Ministires Inc. to reach out and make a difference,

For the wandering children who need parents to love them.

For the people who live in darkness, to hear and receive God’s light!


Orphanage/F.A.A.H.M. Welcome House Village for Children

It is our mission and resolve, to establish an orphanage to care for orphaned, semi-orphaned, abandoned and/or destitute children in India, to give them protection, love, moral and spiritual guidance, and to provide an education that will prevent the cycle of poverty and hardship from continuing to their coming generations. Our emphasis will be on personal attention and care by providing a more natural family environment than traditional orphanage institutions. This will be accomplished by having no more than 8 to 10 children assigned to a housemother or two married house parents.

Our purpose is to also provide them a place without caste or color discrimination where the children can thrive emotionally. We wish to build their self worth with encouragement through arts, crafts, and music by giving special classes from time to time and having daily group singing.

Our purpose is to also provide moral and spiritual guidance mainly by selecting quality house parents to live good lives for the children to follow. By example, and good parenting, we will teach them to be good citizens of their country and to have a heart to help others. These aims will also be accomplished by giving regular moral, biblically based lessons that will instill and reinforce the high ideals we and our workers will strive to exemplify.

We will provide quality basic education by selectively choosing from schools in the area, (eventually establishing a school of or own as well) and will also fund vocational and higher education. We also will equip them with basic life skills they need (cooking, driving, etc.) to become self-sufficient adults.

Native Ministry Support India

Many Pastors, evangelists, and Christian ministers and their families native to, and working in, India, serve the poorest communities and often find themselves from time to time severely in need of financial aid. Through the discretion of an elected and trustworthy benevolence committee in India our corporation will provide emergency financial support to native Pastors and Evangelists and Christian ministers in India, as well as providing for some of the transportation costs involved in their ministry which are beyond their means.

We will also provide a house where out-of-town and/or overseas missionaries, pastors, and ministry teams can lodge while serving the area, and to sponsor special meetings and conferences. We may also supplement ministries to widows and the poor in the community.

Native Ministry Support California

In California it is our mission to provide a house/houses where missionaries, pastors ministry and charity teams can lodge when they come to serve the citizens of our city.

This will include quiet gardens and rooms, also for the use of local Pastors as a place to pray, prepare sermons, rest and be refreshed. In this way we will be supporting the Christian ministries who serve our community to reach out and make a spiritual, emotional, and material difference for good among our citizens.

Also included in Native Ministry Support California is support for government and private agencies who look after the welfare of children in our California foster care system and who promote adoption in our community.

Our mission is to do this by inspiring more young people to adopt or become foster parents when they reach adulthood.

We will do this by inviting young people to complete their high school community service hours by volunteering at our Good Hope Thrift Store/office/or guesthouse.

We will share with them the heart we have for orphans in India, translating it to them to the need there is in California and how they can make a difference too. This will be done through personal verbal encouragement and advice as well as special video programs to ignite compassion in their hearts for kids they can help in our state.

We will provide those who catch this vision for their lives with resources and education to prepare them for this excellent and caring work. Our goal will be to have them leave our program empowered to make a difference.

We will also promote the cultivation of a desire to help those in need in our state by inviting California citizens to go on short trips to our ministry in India. Thereby opening their eyes to a world in need, making them more active Californian citizens who care about others beyond their family circle.



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