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Mission Statement

Hello, we are NEURONOETICS, World Institute for the Science of Consciousness. We have just been declared a non-profit research foundation by the IRS. We can thus receive non-taxable, tax deductible donations and contributions. This is a declaration of whom we are. Human beings of the 21st century must be instructed on how to participate in life in order to know themselves. Our job as a scientific Institution is to understand the nature and development of IDENTITY within the interactions provided by the environment, the body, the brain, the mind and Consciousness. This is being formulated within a formal structure known as the ISYS MODEL™ Our job as an educational Institution is to develop and provide the tools for self-knowledge and to furnish the opportunity for people to learn them and deliver the instructions on how to use them. Our job as a marketing Institution is to package these tools and make them available in a systematic way. Our job as a charitable Institution is to creatively support and assist those people who otherwise would not have access to this technology. These tools will teach people 1. how to recognize the operations of their OWN NATURAL LAWS (the laws of their own nature). 2. how to obey and abide by those natural laws in their everyday behavior and in their interactions with everything 3. In as far as they do that, people then become DISCIPLES of their own life 4. In the DISCIPLINE of their DISCIPLESHIP they can come to develop authority over the very same laws they have learned to obey 5. So, in as far as they learn to use this authority, they will become MASTERS of their own life. 6. When they thus learn to honor their own truth and dare BE all that they can BE, people will have embarked in finding their own kind of spiritual leadership INSIDE OF THEMSELVES. Thus becoming a beacon for their own light among other lights and among other beacons. What awaits ahead, when a group of THESE people come together for a common or local purpose, is an opening for the discovery and generation of unlimited technology, unrestricted LOVE and a brand new definition of government and civilization. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE ISYS MODEL?The purpose of the ISYS model is .... 1. to serve as a blueprint for the design and integration of interventional procedures by which we can elicit, evoke, provoke or convoke fundamental change in a human Being 2. to lay down the theoretical foundations for a Science of Consciousness 3. to provide a framework with which to understand phenomena that have so far been beyond the explanatory grasp of existing scientific models , specifically, the healing / wholing processes and the fundamental mechanisms of Identity formation, deformation and reformation. 4. to understand the intimate mechanisms by which Consciousness, the Mind and the Brain interact phenomenally 5. to build a map of the structure of the mind (Topography)6. to build a map of the territories with which we will be able to plot the trajectories of our lives as they deploy themselves within our individual minds (Cartography). 7. to build a neurofunctional map of the living human brain 8. to provide a framework by which we can integrate and interpret the plethora of information which is being generated by the sophisticated Neuroimaging devices recently developed.


ABOUT OUR FUNDING REQUIREMENTS: the following is a profile of the stages required for our immediate and future development: Stage 1. Funding just to stay alive (cover subsistence and daily operational costs) while we continue our theoretical research into generating the ISYS MODEL; generating a Business Plan for NeuroNoetics and drafting a book Proposal about the ISYS MODEL. (for the next 6 to 8 months beginning today -July 2000). Stage 2. Funding to enroll its founder (Ricardo Rojas) in an 18 month Master of Science degree in Project Management. This "now-how" is indispensable so that he may translate our ideas into scientific projects and our projects into manageable and implementable tasks. Stage 3. Funding to purchase a facility where NN can begin to deploy itself and hire personelle. Stage 4. Funding to implement our core projects and further the theoretical (mathematical and algorithmic) advancement of the ISYS MODEL Stage 5. Funding to design and implement the services that will bring us revenue Stage 6. Funding to implement our peripheral projects and further the experimental and clinical advancement of the ISYS Model Stage 7. Designing the programs by which we will be able to make our charitable dreams come true. Stage 8. Funding to support the implementation of our charitable programs1. Regarding the INFRA-STRUCTURE OF NN:This is how we conceive the material long term future of NN: 1. NEURONOETICS is envisioned in a property of at least 50,000 square mts. 2. The property will hold all the buildings and services that are required to make the institution a comfortable place to be in and to fulfill its purpose. 3. There will be at least one building devoted to each of the following activities: · (A Science Center) theoretical. experimental, mathematical, cybernetic and engineering research & development with all their work stations, data and documentation management technology, procedures and offices · An administrative building (accounting, marketing, lobbying, corporate image, training, personnel well-being, maintenance, logistics, etc.) · A residential section for full-time researchers, workers and their families· A dining area with full services for personnel and guests· An international convention center for seminars, workshops, congresses, conferences· A center for Self-knowledge Services opened to the public· A center for Holistic and Integrated Diagnosis and customer case management · A center for Holistic and Integrated Clinical work opened to the public· A center for Parentification (the systemic and systematic training of parenthood)· A center for Tutorship in Learning Disabilities · A center for Pedagogical Development, Didactic Design and Teacher Training· An area for the Noesian Schools (Day Care Center, Kindergarten, Primary School, High School and later on The Noesian University)· A press for institutional publications.STATEMENT ABOUT SOURCES OF INCOME:NEURONOETICS' income will be provided by:SPONSORSHIPS1. Private general donations2. Private specifically targeted donations 3. Private grants for specific projectsFEES PAID FOR SERVICES4. Fees from Seminars and Workshops introducing the ISYS MODEL5. Fees paid in clinical and therapeutical services6. Self-knowledge, Spiritual coaching and Counseling services7. Vocational guidance services 8. Consulting services9. Fees paid in our teacher education services10. In our parent education services11. Fees from our tutoring services for learning disabilities12. Fees from our academic educational servicesINCOME FROM SALES13. of our own didactic materials14. of our own published materialsFEES PAID BY MEMBERSHIP

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