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Mission Statement

South Florida Bull Terrier Rescue League Inc. Mission Statement The South Florida Bull Terrier Rescue League Inc. recognizes the large amount of to animal cruelty, neglect and exploitation of English Bull Terriers in the State of Florida as well as throughout the Country. Statistically Florida has a higher volume of these problems, with fewer services and groups available to help. We assist the rescue of English Bull Terriers from cruel and abusive situations, remove animals from kill shelters, rehabilitate them; obtain veterinarian care or other services that are needed. A suitable foster home is then sought out for the animal through applications that come from the national web sites. A home study is then performed on the home and then the animal gets placed in to that home. Support services may continue such as follow up home study, dog training and owner education may be provided. Through our own web site we plan and carry out fund raising events for national and local groups. Perform home studies, transport and provide support services to those interested in adopting or fostering any English Bull Terrier. The site will also contain information useful to the prospective owner of an abused or neglected animal. There are 2 categories of dog, Standard and Mini. Each breed has a national group that other smaller groups in the States belong to. We plan to help fund placements on the national level by donating money and services to each established national English Bull Terrier Rescue group or local group that may have a special need animal, for example that needs to be transported to another state, or have specialized medical care.


We primarily are a Breed Specific Dog rescue that rescues English Bull Terriers. We take dogs from Police Departments, Shelters and private homes where the family can no longer keep the animal.



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by Patrycja B. (2012-03-06 21:56:04.0)
Rude & Unprofessional. After weeks of trying to contact this organization a disorganized and ignorant woman by the name of Christine Bryant contacted me. It took her well over 2 weeks to conduct a phone interview. She kept sending me emails how busy she is. She then asked if the same day I sent her a email regarding why it is taking so long for an interview is ok for her to call. Finally, after I told her to pick up the phone and call and stop emailing me if it is o.k to call she called.The first statement I heard out of her foul mouth is that she is very busy and has no time to call everyone who offers help. I told her I have tried to foster with larger rescues more recognized organizations but they are very busy and no one has gotten back to me yet. She then went on a rave and started screaming at me that maybe no one wants my help b.c I am too pushy. No one has the time to fit my needs of wanting to help maybe I should look to the humane society with my help as they could use it!