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Mission Statement

The mission of SHARE For Cures is to empower the patient community to use their individual health data to advance medical research and save lives. Our motto " More Cases. More Cures." explains our goal: the more health data that is openly shared, the better chance we have to make new discoveries that can benefit everyone.

We want to improve health and reduce disease burden by speeding up research and improving education through the use of cutting-edge information technology. We put patients, as well as their families and friends, first in everything we do. We want to reach all populations - people with every type of disease as well as healthy individuals.


In today’s world, medical and wellness data is routinely collected during medical appointments and through electronic health and fitness devices . These data are kept in many different places - on different devices and machines in different locations: doctors’ offices, labs, hospitals, even your home - which makes it difficult for you to track your own health, in its entirety.

Even a simple task like changing doctors or being referred to a new specialist can result in big problems when transferring medical information, causing aggravation and wasted time for patients and their caregivers.

At the same time, medical research is not happening fast enough.

One reason for this slow progress is that we are not able to harness ALL of the health data that already exists from regular care and personal monitoring. If you think it’s hard to collect your entire health record, think about collecting and making sense of the data from everyone with a certain disease or everyone in the country. Making it even worse, the different medical systems don’t "talk" to each other or store the data in the same way. It’s no wonder that researchers can’t use this data to help other patients.

SHARE For Cures wants to change this. We want to make you, the patient, the most important part of the process and help you move research forward while sharing only the information that you feel comfortable with sharing.



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