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Mission Statement

Empower Rural Disabled Women and Girls Economically,Socially and morally as productive citizens.


BUWEDDA-Uganda (Butembe Women With Disabilities Development Association),is a communities not for profit organization which was formed in October 1998 to serve as a voice for the Marginalized and most Vulnerable communities and groups of Rural Disabled women,Girls and children.The organization is Registered at the National Level as a Non-Governmental Organization by the National NGO Board. It has a membership of 352 women and Girls with Disabilities and mothers of Children with Disabilities.It serves as a voice for the Voiceless.BUWEDDA was formed as a result of gross human rights abuse which were inflicted on the disabled women and girls such as denial for Education,the majority of disabled women and girls in the rural areas here are illiterates.This is so just because they were denied the opportunity by the parents who regard them as useless,Rape and Defilement-many of them were being raped,young girls defiled by sex predators who takes advantage of their weak bodies,blindness and hearing impairments to abuse them and exposing many of them to HIV/AIDS.This has put many of the rural disabled women and girls at every high risk of catching HIV/AIDS and yet,they are not catered for in the current HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation programmes by the Main stream HIV/AIDS service organizations.This is so because they have not provided Sign Language Interpreters for the deaf at Voluntary Counseling and testing centers,no braille for the blind to read,etc BUWEDDA's priority programs includes, -Education -Rehabilitation -Mobility -Health,Family Planning and HIV/AIDS -Economic Empowerment -Job creation -Advocacy -Agriculture,ETC.

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