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Mission Statement

To provide the children with the necessary conditions for positive mental stimulation and maturity


Hope for children Kenya is a children's home located in the dry Kayole slums of Nairobi, Kenya under the warm loving wings of Pamela Adhiambo. Though old, sick and jobless, driven by her own humbling background, Pamela daily shows her boundless love unto 27 orphans who depend on Hope for all their livelihood needs. Everyday, she wakes up before dawn to ensure that the children are in school by 7 am. With her firm foundation in Christianity, she puts on her sandals every morning and for the sake of orphans and pushes through her sickly body, believing that God takes care of her and the children. At 54years, she has to clean the house and wash 22 pairs of uniform along with other house chores. With limited support from well wishers, she strives to give the children proper diet, but she still minds about the rent, water, electricity and life at Hope, which 27 orphans depend on. Everyday, she has to sacrifice her own health for the sake of the fatherless. There is no one to help her in these chores and she has to do them everyday with her own hands. Pamela's health is critical for Hope's survival and is always at risk when her diabetic condition worsens due to stress. Love, hope and faith are her drives and she will not give up on the children as long as there is still breath in her.

Hope also involves the children in various bonding activities mainly games in the field. We believe that all children deserve the basics of life including education. We also share in their trouble and confusion and provide good advice whenever possible. We believe that this is the basis of taking care of any child. We provide the children with that family that they may have never had or which was unable to cater for them.



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