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Mission Statement

  • Inform the American public about the extensive violations of human rights that have been and continue to occur in the Darfur region of western Sudan.
  • Unify the voice of Darfurians everywhere in order to bring increased international attention to the ongoing crimes against humanity in the region;
  • Advocate justice for the victims;
  • Promote conflict resolution;
  • Foster the advancement of all people of the region through education, advocacy, direct services and research (in collaboration with other individuals and organizations that share the same values); and to
  • Further democratization and respect for human rights.
  • DRP just completed a social studies survey, Darfurian Voices, documenting Darfurian Refugees' Views on Issues of Peace, Justice and Reconciliation by visiting all of the Darfurian refugee camps in Chad with 24Hrs for Darfur
    and others.
  • DRP and WOODBURY U. School of Architecture,
    have begun plans to build DRP Vocational
    Academy on the ground for Darfurians and
    neighboring people.


Darfur Rehabilitation Project (DRP) was founded by a group of Darfurians living in the U.S., deeply concerned about the human rights tragedy occurring in their homeland in western Sudan. Joined by other Sudanese and like-minded people, DRP is working to unify the voices of Darfurians everywhere and bring increased international attention to bear on the situation there. DRP works to achieve conflict resolution and reconciliation among the ethnic groups in Darfur; fosters the development of democratic institutions and respect for human rights. Members travel the U.S. to inform the public and bear witness to the current genocide, rape and displacement of their families and compatriots. DRP seeks justice for victims of human rights abuses through its Darfur Victim' Project (DVP). Board members are well informed about conflict resolution and have actively brokered, since 2004, Darfur-Darfur Dialogues that help to sow the seeds of peace and prepare for the long-term rehabilitation of the Darfur region. Considered knowledgeable in the history of Sudan and as eyewitnesses to the current genocide, Regarded as a credible resource by all parties working to bring peace to the region. DRP works towards the day when a peaceful and secure Darfur will bring prosperity to all its inhabitants.



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