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Mission Statement

Good Morning Africa (GMA) is a US-based social enterprise that is dedicated to reducing poverty in Africa by growing and promoting socially-responsible, African-owned businesses to create new jobs, teach new skills, and help them expand.

GMA believes that entrepreneurship is the most effective way to build wealth in a society. High-growth entrepreneurs create jobs, enable social mobility, and serve as inspirational role models.

GMA serves to identify Africa's most promising and innovative entrepreneurs. It then helps them to develop the business strategies, human capital, and financial capital needed to take their companies and visions to the next level.

Through their success, GMA aims to create a growing cadre of home-grown leaders that can serve as change-agents, fostering sustainable business practices that lend themselves to strengthening a country's economic infrastructure.

Finally, GMA believes that the proliferation of this entrepreneurial class will successfully ameliorate Africa's poverty ills, thereby promoting sustainable domestic solutions to problems that have long afflicted the region.

Watch our short videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/goodmorningafrica


Good Morning Africa (GMA) is headquartered in Washington, DC, with an operational site in Ghana. Our mission is to combat endemic poverty in Africa. To do this, Good Morning, Africa (GMA) strategically targets Africa's most promising, socially-responsible and innovative entrepreneurs in order to trigger high-growth development of their companies and communities.

Two years after its launch, GMA is meeting with heads of industries and offering strategic advice on everything from tourism marketing to human resources development in the retail and hospitality industries. We recently completed a project that delivered internet communication at a higher quality to thousands of people and created dozens of new jobs. Another project trained a media company in international journalistic best practices.



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