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Mission Statement

The mission of MusicAlive! is to establish a healthy and sustainable environment for classical music throughout the Coast Empire, catering to both youth and adults, by means of community outreach, unique performance venues, innovative programming, as well as traditional performance practices.


MusicAlive! was founded in 2005 by three Savannah natives with the intention of filling the gap left by the demise of the Savannah Symphony in 2003 especially for young string players in Savannah, GA. Fueled by a wealth of community support in the 1990's, these members were able to transform their early passion from an extra curricular activity they enjoyed as children into their livelihood as adults. They were directly impacted by such organizations as the Savannah Symphony Civic Orchestra and most importantly their role models and teachers in Savannah's own Symphony Orchestra who inspired them to pursue classical music.

MusicAlive! hopes to help fill the void created by the absence of the Savannah Symphony by encouraging and exposing Savannah children to the joys of making music. MusicAlive! hopes to inspire them as fellow Savannah natives and support them in their aspirations to make classical music a meaningful part of their lives.

We at MusicAlive! are genuinely enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with all facets of the classical music industry in Savannah, and we want to do everything in our power to assist in making Savannah a sustainable community for the support of classical music. We believe that education is the key to this success and that classical music is a wonderful tool for broadening the educational horizons of youth in Savannah. Studies have shown that music introduced to children at early ages can aid in cognitive ability and function. Students exposed to the arts have also excelled beyond their colleagues in schools of their same peer group. Music opens up a plethora of cultural opportunities and experiences for youth, further expanding their educational horizons.

Ultimately, MusicAlive! would like nothing more than to see a full-time symphony orchestra resurrected in our hometown. We, however, do not wish this to happen because we want it to happen, but because Savannahians themselves demand it. That is the goal of MusicAlive! These dreams will not be realized without a strong music educational foundation in our community.

MusicAlive! is currently a chamber ensemble comprised of nationally renowned musicians: two violinists, one violist, one cellist, and one double bassist.



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