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Mission Statement

Our Mission: To increase awareness that water quality is directly linked to the use of appropriate wastewater systems and their management.


Our message is simple and clear - all water is connected, all water use is connected, water is water~ not waste! Our intended purpose is to provide clear, consistent information that emphasizes this fact.

Wastewater Education 501(C)3 is a public education, outreach and consulting non profit organization.

We are dedicated advocates for the protection of water as a vital human and ecological asset through the implementation and management of affordable, appropriate wastewater systems.

We are independent and impartial, assisting individuals and communities, at little to no cost, to discover the financial and environmental advantages of implementing sustainable, integrated water infrastructures.

Within the next 3-5 years, the reality of changing weather patterns will be forcing hard decisions upon countries, states, communities and individuals about how to sustain water and wastewater infrastructure.

We believe that access to relevant information to deal with this certain future should be impartial and freely available by the most accessible and cost effective means possible.

At the 2014 Board Retreat, Directors were asked to consider: " If we were starting up our organization today brand new, what would it look like? Would we recreate what we have now, or create something that looks different? " The consensus was that we would look the same. The format of a tight knit, Director based non profit, with a dedicated innovative staff and a wide network of varied volunteer expertise, that was nimble and able to create time relevant education opportunities free of outside influence - has served us and the people we serve extremely well.

We can be both proactive and reactive in the minimal amount of time.

We have no ego. It doesn ’ t matter who takes the lead. If we can put together a team to address an issue, we don ’ t have to be in charge. In the end, it ’ s simply about providing sound, triple bottom line options for long term water resource resiliency. Water is water ~ not waste.



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