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Mission Statement

The primary goal of the Pasadena Public Health Department Black Infant Health Program is to reduce African American infant mortality and low birth weight. This is accomplished by a community-based effort making sure that African-American at-risk pregnant and parenting women and their infants and children, up to age two, are able to receive quality health services for themselves and their children. It is our goal to help African-American women receive the best all inclusive healthcare and services that will be delivered in a culturally competent, personally strengthening, timely and environmentally safe manner.

Below is a description of our services..........



Social Support and Empowerment class - Support and education class for pregnant and parenting women. This is an eight-week series. Each participant receives an incentive gift for coming. This is a time of fun, caring and sharing for pregnant and parenting African-American women.

Get-Togethers - Informal gathering for support to pregnant and parenting women. Activities include speakers, special topics and fun activities. Volunteer speakers are welcome to talk about issues impacting the mental, spiritual and physical health of African American families.

Angel Club - Provides a source for developing one-on-one support to very high risk pregnant and parenting women and their families. Angel/Sponsor is paired with a pregnant woman needing support throughout her pregnancy, or a parenting woman for support with well baby care and parenting.

Pregnancy Prevention Panels - Outreach and education to schools - elementary through college, service providers, and community centers about pregnancy planning and prevention. Includes a panel of teens that discuss the realities of being a teen parent. Volunteers who are teen parents are welcome to speak on the panel at Pasadena schools.

Celebrate Healthy Babies - Community outreach baby shower for pregnant or parenting women and families. This event includes educational games, gifts, food, prizes and lots of fun. Volunteers can help at community-wide baby shower and annual Christmas party for clients.

Annual African American Women's Health Conference - A one-day annual conference is held each March about issues impacting African-American women, children and infant health. Volunteers can assist with speaking, planning, logistics of conference.

Back To Sleep Campaign - More African American babies die each year from S.I.D.S. than any other ethnic group. This campaign does outreach focusing on African American women and families about the high incidence of S.I.D.S. within this community. Staff is available to make presentation to community organizations, doctor's offices, churches, etc. B

Because I Love You Baby.... I will take care of us Campaign - This program increases awareness of health education and nutrition during pregnancy by encouraging women to pamper themselves, nurture their unborn child by reading, playing music and loving their before it's born. Because, you're not just pregnant --- you're having a BABY!

The Breastfeeding Counselor Connection - Breastfeeding is lowest among African-American women. This program encourages women to give their babies the gift that lasts a lifetime - breast milk. Women are supported one on one and also in support groups. The Breast Is Best class, which teaches the art of breastfeeding, is also offered. Volunteer Breastfeeding Peer Counselors offer woman-to-woman hands-on and educational support for breastfeeding. Training is available. If you love babies and want to promote breastfeeding, give us a call to find out the dates of the next Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Training.

Adopt-A-Doctor Outreach - While partnering with local doctors in their offices, this program offers social support to their pregnant and parenting clients to improve birth outcomes.

The Caring Companions Childbirth Assistant Referral Service - Referrals to Childbirth Assistants and Postpartum Doulas who are available to assist women during the childbirth process and immediate postpartum period. If you would like to volunteer to help promote healthy babies and good birth outcomes for pregnant women, talk to us about the many opportunities to be a part of this important program. Call or write for a brochure or more information.

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