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Mission Statement

Our Vision
Pets Haven Foundation's vision is to be recognised as a committed foundation for the welfare of both companion pets and human beings.

We strive to build a modern facility that enables us to expand our rescue and adoption, community outreach and education services. By defining leading animal welfare and operational practices, which will see Pets Haven as trusted and respected, and as a prominent community resource.

We tirelessly strive for and envision the day where every adoptable companion animal has a loving, responsible home. Where no animal will suffer from abuse, neglect or ignorance and where puppy farms will be a distant memory. We look forward to a society that no longer views adoptable companion animals as a disposable commodity and people responsibly desex their animals to put an end to the overpopulation that exists today.

We work effortlessly to provide a protected, joyful and caring environment for all members of the community. A place where all different types of individuals are more than welcome. We want nothing more than for Pets Haven Foundation to be a community resource for those in need.

Being able to bring both humans and companion pets together; reaching out, providing comfort and reassurance is a vision worth striving for.

Our Mission
Pets Haven is a registered not for profit, humane animal charity.

Pets Haven exists to serve as a humane shelter and to care for companion pets.

We are a prolife animal shelter, we do not believe in killing healthy animals, who could otherwise find loving homes. We are dedicated in finding responsible committed homes for our companion pets.

We wish to provide further awareness and to educate the community and the greater public about responsible pet ownership, the benefits of adopting and the plight of our companion pets.

To accomplish our goals, we rely on the generosity of the public, who help by contributing to our not for profit foundation by adoptions, donations, memberships, pledges, sponsorships, corporate packages and bequests. All funds received contribute to the care of animals, the operational cost of our shelter and to programs we offer the community.

Pets Haven is very community minded, not only is our mission to be a Haven for companion pets; we also wish to be that 'special safe place’ for members of the community.

Pets Haven promotes kindness, trust, elimination of cruelty and neglect, the abolition of puppy farming and a life time commitment to people and pets.

Pets Haven can only be successful in all that we do with dedicated staff, volunteers and commitment from the community. Without such support, Pets Haven would not be able to function.

Pets Haven Foundation is very proud to bring both humans and companion pets together.

We strive to make a heartfelt difference to both, our belief is to respect both 'human and fur’.


The premise upon which the Foundation was born was based on the exorbitant amount of animals being euthanised in pounds and shelters. This is a prevalent issue that has a potential resolution and thus our goal is to educate the community about responsible pet ownership. As well as to provide rehabilitation for abused or neglected animals in order to responsibly rehouse them back into the community.

The reality that each year thousands of innocent and healthy animals lose their lives is soul destroying. Furthermore, the sad fact is that most shelters operate with 'pound contracts’ meaning that they receive generous revenue for incoming stray animals at the expense of euthanising healthy animals to create room, this is inconceivable to us.

This is where Pets Haven Foundation is different. As a pro-life shelter that values the essence of "life" and what is represents, we will never compromise our beliefs. We will never euthanise innocent and healthy animals just to create space. We will always be there to provide hope and a second chance for our companion pets.

The pedestal upon which we place both "human and fur" is second to none. Our doors are always open to members of the community and we are focused on providing a safe haven for people along with orphaned animals.



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