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Mission Statement

- Provide a safe and welcoming environment and meeting place for LGBT Individuals and their allies.

- Empower LGBT individuals and groups to achieve their own goals and potential.

- Expand the public's awareness and understanding of the LGBT communities.

- Foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equality for all


Current Programs q Confidential HIV/AIDS confidential screening site q Safer-sex groups q Risk reduction counseling q STD informational groups q Movie & a pizza nights q Board games and open socials q Referrals to various LGBT-friendly healthcare and social service providers q Community Service Site of the Warren County Youth Court Program q Employer/Employee LGBT sensitivity training q LGBT support and advocacy Why We Exist Have you ever wondered why those who identify as gay, lesbian or transgendered are often, put down or considered "freaks" by others? As a new and growing LGBT community drop-in center serving the greater Glens Falls area, it is our hope that we can all work and live together in peace and harmony. Today, as most of us are already aware, LGBT identified teens and adults alike have it tough. In their schools and places of work, many are bullied, made fun of, or called derogatory names. This kind of treatment can often be a painful, traumatic and lasting experience. Teen and adult depression, anxiety, and peer pressure is occurring at such alarmingly high rates in this day and age. Overt harassment and bullying plays an enormous role in this. Our LGBT youth and adults alike are at high risk to being subjected to sexual and self-expressed gender discrimination, often creating an overwhelming amount of stress. We encourage teachers, parents, employers and all who care about living in an inclusive community to learn how to address these kinds of issues. Many in the local area live in shame or fear of being publicly labeled as gay, lesbian or transgendered. We can help. The Bridge can help by offering a safe, relaxed and accepting environment that not only provides social, health and educational support services, but allows individuals to grow and learn from others like themselves.



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