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Mission Statement

Sunkissed Acres is an Equine Rescue and Retirement facility. Our goals:

* to rehabilitate and re-home those who are able to still be of service to others
* to offer a quality, safe, lifetime home for the aged and infirm
* to end the suffering of those whom it is deemed necessary


Horses that find their refuge at Sunkissed Acres remain part of our mission for the rest of their days. While most go on to find loving homes, should the circumstances arise that they can no longer be cared for, arrangements are made for their return to Sunkissed Acres.

Sunkissed Acres (named after Sunkissed Angel) was started in 2002 with the goal of being a retirement boarding facility. Because retirement and rescue go "hand-in-hand" the facility expanded to a rescue operation working with Animal Control and the Department of Agriculture seizures. Sunkissed Acres became a 501-C non-profit organization in 2004. Sunkissed Acres is a registered 501(c)(3) IRS tax deductible organization. Sunkissed Acres also operates as a community outreach program for persons who need help with their horses and don't know to whom to turn.

The animals that need this type of facility far exceed the resources available. Sunkissed Acres tries to rehabilitate and re-home as many horses as possible. Some of these equine are not adoptable because of age or health restrictions.

The facilities at Sunkissed Acres include two barns with a total of 16 stalls, 60 acres of land, numerous paddocks and run-in shelters. The facility is designed and maintained to provide safety and to enhance the health and well being of the horses.



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by Shelby J. (2015-01-07 12:42:46.0)
Sunkissed Acres is a fantastic organization. All of the horses there have stories to tell. With decades of experience, Ms. Yonts knows each and every horse, their quirks, and what needs to be done to get them healthy or keep them healthy. They have at least two horses there over the age of 40. The volunteer work isn't hard, and I always enjoy meeting new people there. The rescue is located in a rural area so volunteers are greatly needed and appreciated.