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Mission Statement

The North Portland Tool Library (NPTL) is a resource dedicated to building community and fostering sustainability by providing residents with tools and the power to use them.


Inspired and built on the pioneering and independent spirit of Oregonians, NPTL envisions a future where each person is treated equally and empowered to be self-sufficient, yet neighbors are connected and feel a responsibility to work together at making their communities stronger and better. NPTL works toward a future where Portland is a vibrant, sustainable, and thriving city, yet still affordable. We support a culture of getting involved and giving back to the community. NPTL nurtures a shared sense of community and interdependence; where people have pride in the places they live, work and play; where modern-day "barn raising" is a common experience.


The tool library brings the community together with a sense of shared investment and pride. In the effort to build community, NPTL encourages information and project sharing between tool library members, and where possible helps facilitate those efforts.

Each person has a responsibility to be a good neighbor. Most residents have a desire, if not a requirement, to maintain or improve their homes and yards. Doing so helps to make their space and their neighborhood a desirable place to live. NPTL provides the tools and know-how they need to accomplish this.

Access for All:
All North Portland residents over 18 years of age can join the tool library. NPTL lends the wide inventory of tools, free of charge, providing equal access for all.

Do-it-yourself home and yard improvement is popular, and many people want to learn more about how to achieve their project. NPTL empowers members toward self-sufficiency by providing friendly, un-intimidating service, as well as the tool and project know-how. We believe that everyone can learn the skills necessary to achieve basic improvement projects.

Oregon 's environment is impacted by resource consumption and waste. Fortunately, restoration and redevelopment are profitable, environmentally friendly, and on the rise in Portland . A shared library of tools represents a commitment to sustainability. NPTL reduces resource consumption and saves people money. It's a win-win for the pocketbook and the environment.

Member Driven:
NPTL believes that "It's your tool library." We welcome member involvement at all levels to ensure the tool library is effective and valuable to all members.

Representative of Community We Serve:
According to census information, North Portland is the most affordable and ethnically diverse area of Portland . The tool library seeks to have a diverse membership which represents the community we serve.

High Quality, Neighborly Service:
The tool library strives to maintain a high level of service, including: personal attention, short wait times, convenience, a local, neighborhood feel, valuable information, and opportunities to learn more and get involved. We welcome feedback on how we can best serve our members and our community.



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