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Mission Statement

Mission and Goals-Operation HOPE is a national self-help, education and economic empowerment organization. Dedicated to bringing financial literacy and empowerment programs to low-wealth communities, Operation HOPE established the BANKING ON OUR FUTURE program.

About Banking on Our Future-Banking on Our Future is the premier global delivery system for financial education for youth ages 9-18 at no cost to school districts, with a focus on urban, under-served communities. The program consists of five modules:

  • I. Basics of Banking and Budgeting
  • II. Checking & Savings Accounts
  • III. The Power of Credit
  • IV. Basic Investments

Modules are taught by volunteer HOPE Corps members who are trained to break down their knowledge of banking and credit into terms that youth can understand and utilize immediately.

Established in 1996, the award winning Banking on Our Future program has grown to include over 30 U.S. cities and South Africa. Banking on Our Future has successfully educated over 250,000 students in financial literacy. Our goal is to educate 5 million by 2012.



About the Volunteer Opportunity:

The program consists of 4 modules or sessions that a volunteer teaches. Each module or session is an hour long:

Session 1: Basics of Banking and Budgeting. Session 2: Savings and Checking Accounts. Session 3: The Power of Credit.

Session 4: Basic Investing.

The total volunteer commitment is 4 hours or 4 teaching sessions. Volunteers can spread their four hours out or do it all in one sitting. Volunteers must complete their scheduled teaching commitment within 8 weeks of their start date. Volunteers must notify the program manager if they need to rescheduled a teaching session. It is recommended that volunteers keep their commitment as the Banking on Our Future program works with schools and community based organizations schedules.

The time commitment is broken down depending on schools, community based organizations and volunteer schedules. Program delivery can be conducted in the following ways:

  • Four 1-hour sessions taught over a 4-week period.
  • Two 2-hour sessions taught over a 2-week period.
  • BOOF-IN-A-DAY, entire curiculum taught in a 4-hour session in one day!
How We Prepare You :

Volunteers will need to attend a 90-minute training prior to their first scheduled class. The training covers the curriculum in addition to classroom management, behavior management and how to work with teachers. Volunteers officially become HOPE Corps Members after they have attended a training session, complete the conduct policy form, (background check if it applies), and sign up to teach a session.

Volunteers are to select a class of their choice. We ask volunteers to be flexible in their choosing as we have opportunities that need to be filled on a weekly (continuous) basis. All non-banker volunteers MUST complete a criminal background check, as they will be working with children. Volunteers can request a copy of the background check to be sent to them.

Banking on Our Future wants all volunteers to willingly commit to being a long-term HOPE Corps Member. WE APPRECIATE OUR VOLUNTEERS!



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