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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Hope For Life Inc..is to provide shelter, awaken hope and honor dignity in every person who seeks com fort, support or assistance through our programs. Our focus is on individuals with a chronic mental illness and families that are homeless in the Harnet County & Surrounding Counties.
We live out our mission through our direct service programs, volunteer efforts and community education. When possible, we participate in lobbying for resources for our members and residents, legislate for laws to protect marginalized people and inform policies that affect funding and regulations for programs serving very poor people.


Provide shelter, awaken hope, honor dignity

Provide Shelter: Terms like emergency shelter and transitional housing
are comm on among the housing programs providing housing services to
individuals and families who are homeless. This type of housing is
time limited and though it will provide respite, often there is not
enough support and intervention to end a family’s poverty. This
falling back into the cycle of homelessness reflects limits on housing
programs, not a failure of the family or individual. The ladder out of
chronic poverty and persistent homelessness requires achieving and
strengthening one level before moving successfully to the next. Hope
For Life Inc, is committed to self reflection and evaluation of our
housing programs in our commitment to recognizing the extraordinary
and complex needs of families, as well as developing a process for
moving towards health and wholeness.

Awaken Hope/Honor Dignity:The housing staff at Hope For Life Inc
believes that people are whole and complete -- that they have natural
resources, and when given support and coaching will move to a place of
hope and achievement for themselves and their children. This takes
time, resources and space for people to discover they have the ability
to plan and shape the path they will travel on in the future, and that
circumstances are merely opportunities for reflection and re-framing.
Our Housing Programs staff work with residents in partnership always
honoring the resident’s agenda, while holding accountability
structures that support converting breakdowns to breakthroughs.

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