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Mission Statement

The mission of Hidden Treasures Thrift Store is to provide a supportive environment where people with developmental disabilities can build job skills and independent living skills.


Hidden Treasures is a 501(C)(3) non profit that serves people with developmental disabilities (DD). We use our thrift store, Hidden Treasures, as a training facility to build job skills and independent living skills amongst this underserved population.

Our facility is located in Fallbrook CA and has been in operation for about 6 years, serving hundreds of people with developmental disabilities. Come check us out we think you will love what we do and the people we work with!

In our program our guys go through 3 formalized phases of training, which are:

  1. Foundational: They learn to follow directions, how to clean, how to work together, how to follow through and more. These skills benefit them not just in the store but are incredibly important when it comes to taking care of themselves, the homes they live in, and their aging parents.

  1. Independent: They continue to build upon the foundational phase but now learn skills that make them independent workers and critical thinkers. In this phase they are asked to act like true employees and take directions from the manager and independently complete the tasks they have been given. They are also asked to step into the role of the manager and critically evaluate the needs of the store and with the help of the manager prioritize those tasks and complete them.

  1. Customer Service: In this phase they build their resume by developing skills recognized by businesses as valuable. They will focus most of their time on interacting with customers, learning how to work a register, making sales from beginning to end and more.



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