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Mission Statement

While taking a different perspective of the senior population, the mission of the Foundation is to provide services that are specifically designed for the requirements of the elderly. It is our belief that having the bare essentials for daily living will make a substantial difference in their lives and lifestyles during their golden years; thereby, minimizing hardships and lead to a more productive and stress-free life. Also, it is our mission to aid in supporting research to find a cure for those debilitating diseases that affect many seniors.


The Redmond-Willoughby Foundation (RWF) is a nonprofit organization whose primary emphasis is on the needs of low-income independent-living seniors in Wake County and surrounding areas of North Carolina. The growing number and proportion of older adults place increasing demands on the public health system and on medical and social services. North Carolina, especially in the rural areas, is home to a large number of seniors who lack educational training, endure deficient generational insight, live in impoverishment, and is stymied by the geographical and economical composition of the communities in which they live. Many seniors are living in substandard housing and must choose between buying food or medication. Others neglect vital repairs to their homes, and forego basic security and safety needs. The primary services of the Foundation are the Medical Assistance Program (MAP) and the Emergency Disaster Assistance Program (EDAP). These programs are designed as tools in aiding independent living-seniors. MAP provides financial assistance that includes, but is not limited to assistance with prescription purchase, utility payments, transportation, in-home personal care, etc. EDAP provides one-time emergency assistance for large medical purchases such as hospital beds, wheel chairs, hearing aides, limited home repair, unexpected needs for emergencies caused by acts of nature, etc. The Foundation also operates a hydration program for seniors, Seniors First Food Pantry (program delivers food boxes to seniors), and a Resource and Educational program. RWF makes no claim nor embraces the belief that we can change all factors affecting independent-living seniors. However, working with one senior, one community, one county, one city, or one town at a time , "We're Making the Difference"in the lives and lifestyles of the senior population.



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