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Mission Statement

The American Friends Service Committee is a practical expression of the faith of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Committed to the principles of nonviolence and justice, it seeks in its work and witness to draw on the transforming power of love, human and divine. AFSC draws into its work people of many faiths and backgrounds who share the values that animate its life and who bring to it a rich variety of experiences and spiritual insights. We nurture the faith that conflicts can be resolved nonviolently, that enmity can be transformed into friendship, strife into cooperation, poverty into well-being, and injustice into dignity and participation. We believe that ultimately goodness can prevail over evil, and oppression in all its many forms can give way.


We seek to understand and address the root causes of poverty, injustice, and war. We hope to act with courage and vision in taking initiatives that may not be popular. Such actions may engage us in creative tumult and tension in the process of basic change. We work to relieve and prevent suffering through both immediate aid and long-term development and seek to serve the needs of people on all sides of violent strife.We ground our work at the community level both at home and abroad in partnership with those who suffer the conditions we seek to change and informed by their strength and vision. We work with all people, the poor and the materially comfortable, the disenfranchised and the powerful in pursuit of justice. Seeking to transform the institutions of society, we are ourselves transformed in the process. As we work in the world around us, our awareness grows that AFSC's own organizational life must change to reflect the same goals we urge others to achieve.



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by Yari S. from San Francisco, CA (Administrator for this Organization) (2010-01-14 15:22:14.0)
This organization is dedicated to peace work in the SF area and around the world. Everyone I met was extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. People from many backgrounds, beliefs, and lifestyles all work together to create informative events, research causes of conflicts and develop methods of implementing solutions, and build peace. I interned with this organization for two weeks and enjoyed the freedom to apply myself and explore my potential in this environment. I would encourage anyone who enjoys a relaxed environment, teamwork, and promoting peace in a variety of ways to consider volunteering with the AFSC.