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Mission Statement

The Recycled Dog Rescue is a budding 501(c)3 non-profit dog rescue organization founded in Fountain Valley, California. The mission of our organization is to find adoptive homes for homeless or injured dogs, as well as dogs residing in animal shelters with high rates of euthanasia. We rescue dogs of all kinds, and do not discriminate based on breed, sex, color, size, age, disability, national origin, or motherhood status. Our organization differentiates itself from other dog rescues in two ways. First, we seek to provide our rescued dogs with an indoor and outdoor living space, free roam, and frequent human interaction. This helps us nurture and rehabilitate our dogs in a manner that avoids future behavioral problems. Second, we seek to provide a happy, pleasant, and helpful experience for our adopters. Our adopters are not our enemies, and they deserve our respect and trust.

To fulfill its mission of rescuing dogs, the Recycled Dog Rescue relies on its loving volunteers and network of foster homes. Soon, however, we hope to have a brick-and-mortar adoption center of our own so that we may rescue thousands rather than hundreds of dogs on a yearly basis. Any support in this mission would be greatly appreciated.


We work hard to take care of all of our dogs at the Recycled Dog Rescue, and we always try to find new placements for dogs facing life-or-death situations. We can't do this without our wonderful network of foster homes. If you would like to foster an adult dog or a mother and her litter, we would love your help. Any commitment, however long, would make a huge difference.



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by Isabella V. (2015-07-28 10:49:39.0)
I've tried numerous times to contact this organization, via email, phone, text. Never receive a response.
by Franceskrista M. (2015-06-22 16:13:23.0)
When I tried to call to ask if they needed any volunteers they hung up on me. Previous to that they never answered my emails after trying to contact them various times. I also tried texting them with a number provided on their website, and they never answered that either.