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Mission Statement

Community-Minded Enterprises will encourage community well being by offering skills, strategies, services, and advocacy through which communities achieve and sustain greater resiliency.


Community-Minded Enterprises is a non-profit catalyst organization which facilitates and enhances community well being. Community-Minded Enterprises offers skills, strategies, and services through which communities achieve their potential. We, the staff and board of Community-Minded Enterprises, believe that in communities one finds the ingredients for making the world work. One ingredient, for example, is the hope so many of us have to live in harmony with our neighbors, to see not only that we thrive ourselves, but that our neighbors and their families also thrive. Because of the power of this hope, a power which we think remains under-actualized-we are optimistic about the future of the world.

We believe that the great challenges of our day: life-long education, adapting to the global economy, healthcare, reducing violence, respect and inclusiveness among different cultures, the preservation of the biosphere and the earth itself, to mention a few-are issues that can and must be resolved first and finally in communities.

We base our work on a belief in people's capacity to create the world they imagine. We believe that great things are possible, indeed, inevitable when people come together in the spirit of creativity, honesty, and trust. We promote collaboration and possibility, dedicating ourselves to the power of bringing people together around bigger opportunities than any might have pursued alone.

We accomplish our work through partnerships. Working with the trends and forces of community life-such as new breakthroughs in information technology, new approaches to health and education, growing connectedness between people of different cultures and viewpoints, and a growing understanding and attention to ways to live in positive balance with the natural world-we help our partners achieve breakthroughs in community self-sufficiency and sustainability.

We work with individuals-some who seek to contribute, others who seek to connect to community resources. And we work with organizations, including government, the private sector, religious organizations, informal grassroots groups, and non-profits. We also work within organizations to help build the spirit of community internally and to help organizations align their success with the success of the communities in which they work.

Community-Minded Enterprises recognizes forces that operate across the world, the challenges and opportunities of the marketplace, government policy, public opinion, scientific inquiry, etc., that can help or hinder communities in their quest for well being. We educate people in all walks of life about how to align the forces that will allow communities to thrive.



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