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Mission Statement

Volunteers In Community Development Kenya- volunteers in Community development give both technical and non-technical support to deprived communities and organisations. Our objective is to stimulate local development initiatives for vulnerable people in desperate situations. We aim to promote individual, community, and environmental and sociological empowerment by educating using an inclusive, multicultural mentality. We address all races, religions and sexes equally, and try to strengthen the human bond through creating friendship and understanding of each other. We believe our unique approach begins a peaceful, respectful and loving attitude, which will benefit the people's rights, the people's self-belief and the people's progression. VICDK Vision Our primary goal is to empower deprived communities by supporting, guiding and instructing local people in establishing strong groups for social security. We are given the right to life when we are born and from that day we have the born given right to survive. However in many places around Africa societies exist without the basic capacity to survive and have been forced into an impossible situation of prolific hardship and low chance of survival. Where these places are we go. Where people are disappearing, where people die of hunger, where babies are born with aids, where girls are killed or raped...we go there. We establish our presence and we deploy our teams comprised of technicians, health nutritionists, campaigners, doctors, teachers, builders, cooks with others and more. We believe strongly in educating awareness about communities' different cultures', practices' and beliefs' by promoting such ideas as solidarity, peace, justice, integrity and self-help. We help these people work together. Bonds between split fractions grow and peoples' knowledge expands. When the needs of every man, woman and child is met we will have achieved our goal and the social structures built will continue to develop. VICDK Mission Our mission is to empower deprived communities to alleviate themselves of the degenerative social condition they are suffering. We exist to battle the ill affects of famine, poverty, crime and ascending levels of respect and understanding. We will eradicate unjust, unsocial and unwarranted misery to develop structures of social security and social progression. Objectives of VICDk Mobilse local resources to promote local development Create awareness and support amongst community groups Provide opportuinites for individual development Facilitate effective HIV/Aids control intervention programmes Personnel Every year VICDK deploys development personnel, technical, non-technical, volunteers recruited from regions all over the world, into local communities, in a variety of different projects, and programmes which will be specifically designed to develop specialist and non-specialist tasks for enhancing self-confidence, self-reliance, pride and dignity. Community development projects The community development projects and programs are designed, planned and implemented in collaboration with deprived community groups, organisations and task forces throughout the African regions. We situate ourselves at the heart of African culture and provide real life experiences that can not be achieved anywhere else. Our marvellous opportunities will allow you to experience the everyday battles common place to the majority of suffers trying to survive. You will understand, first hand, the challenges and constraints of developing impoverished societies in Africa. The special interaction and education which occurs through participation on a VICDK project will help you gain a wider perception of international issues', you will strengthen your position within society, learn life skills unique to survival in Africa and most importantly contribute greatly to relieve the extreme situation of heartache and suffering our people endure. You will develop leadership and management ills and fast thinking, practical methods for solving interesting, challenging and difficult problems. In addition to increasing practical exposure within communities all participants and personnel will have the opportunity to implement and execute their own theoretical knowledge to the tasks organised. The extra ordinary development which occurs reaches a depth of understanding that is equivalent nowhere else. You will experience problems of social depravity beyond your imagination. Your time with us will also increase solidarity and companionship amongst your fellow comrades, you will make friends for life and create a memory of your effort in the minds of those you help, never forgotten and always appreciated. Project Activities The volunteers live and work on local projects alongside members, personnel and civilians for 3-4 weeks. You will work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week Your free time at the weekend or in the evening may be used to socialise, engage in hobbies and activities of interest. Common activities include sports, topical debates, and excursions, parties, touring, visiting, and participating in local functions, festivals, exhibitions or further assisting. Your accommodation is safe, comfortable and relative to the context of your project. You will not be required to pay money for this service however a contribution is asked for. An example includes such domains as, churches, temples, schools, local homes, halls, campsites, youth centres and hired buildings. You can cook, learn facts, tell stories and experience diverse personalities from varying different cultures, countries and societies, and enjoy your environment. You will travel to and from your work places and is cost must be met by you. Please understand you are working for the development of deprived and unfortunate people, you will be rewarded by self gratification from the valuable help you are giving us therefore you will not be paid a salary. Work camps will run every month from the 10th to the 30th. You will be briefed on the 9th of every month. Types of Voluntary Work There are various kinds of work you can participate in depending on the specific requirements of the community and work camp you will be deployed in. Below is a list of what category you may choose; 1. Agriculture- for example, fruit picking, farming, land maintenance etc. 2. Renovation- for example, cultural halls, community centres, schools etc. 3. Social Work- for example, refugees, handicapped, elderly, women, children etc. 4. Construction- for example, public facilities, schools, mills, buildings etc. 5. Environmental- for example, rivers, lakes, canals, animals, fauna and flora etc. Educational Attachment VICDK offers short term, medium and long term projects throughout the year for technical and non-technical volunteers, development personnel and students. Participants will be able to offer their own services learnt from previous experience's, as well as adopt styles appropriate to the task. You will have the ideal opportunity to enter into familiar settings where you can utilize your talents, or learn new ones. VICDK collaborates with various registered voluntary organizations, agencies, private firms, government officials, universities, schools, churches and others to enable the highest quality of human resource, leadership and practical skills development. VICDK also organises exceptional rural home stay attachments with local families. Educational Travel VICDK organises educational travel opportunities for participants who wish to explore other destinations. If you wish to travel we can organise this adventure, you will have an opportunity to visit different areas and absorb the culture in its real element. These experiences help widen your knowledge and perception of life in Africa. You will be offered these opportunities at the beginning or at the end of your arrival. You may choose your trip from our specially created tours or create your own within reason. If you choose our trip then a small contribution of approximately 80 Euros per person per day will be charged to you. This cost will include travel, accommodation and meals, 5 weeks advance booking is required. Who Qualifies 1. Men and women above 15 years of age from all countries, regardless of race, religion or education. 2. Open minded people who can learn and share new and old skills and knowledge with others. 3. Participants who are willing to adapt to their situation regardless of phobias, fears of distractions. 4. Participants who are development focused. HIV/Aids We release information to women and the youth through sensitivity sessions, and work shops. We provide care and support to affected patients We organize and establish clubs and groups to help break down the walls of ignorance and suffering. Bursary for Deprived Students VICDK identifies deprived students and offer them an educational bursary. Funds' raised from donors', campaigners' and charity activities allows us to place students in school with uniform, books and allowances for one year. Application Those wishing to participate in KVICD may apply directly to us or through their organisations or affiliations. Applications should be received 5 weeks in advance. Payments can be made at the VICDK office by money order or cash. Your application will be processed and your project will be confirmed after receipt of money for your fees. You must organise your own travel expenses. Reception of Volunteers A member of staff will meet you on arrival and help transport you to your location. Orientation Seminar This will be held at the VICDK offices and you will be briefed on where you will go to, what you will be doing and who you will be doing it with. Your contribution to the project will be 500 Euros per month. Dear Prospective, I welcome you to participate in building Africa's future. Come and join our friendly, intelligent team. Become a member of VICDK and enjoy an enlightening experience, where you will meet new and interesting people who will help us create a new age together. All of our projects encompass a vast amount of natural beauty and wonder perfect for scenic tours and tranquil serenades. The warm and peaceful nature of our projects will ensure you discover the colourful and exciting side to African life. Help us make opportunities for others, help us motivate positive growth and help us develop social progression. Sincerest regards and best wishes for the future For more information conduct Executive Director Volunteers in Community Development Kenya Shankardass house, 3rd floor Room 309, P.O Box 71655-00622, Nairobi, Kenya TEL. +254729277486 Email kvicds@yahoo.com


Dear friends!!! VOLUNTEER EXCHANGE PROGRAMME We are writing to seek working co-operation in the area of volunteer exchange and development. VICDK is a non-profit making organization that works with the poor and disadvantaged rural communities in Kenya. We organize work camps, Attachment both short, medium and long term for volunteers, community training as well as assisting in marketing community made products to boost the incomes of such communities and also protect communities from exploitation by middlemen in trade. Along these lines, we have several working partners in Europe and Asia. Our work camps are used as an entry point to the communities and are aimed at boosting the confidence of the communities to take charge of their own development path with less reliance from outside help. We therefore do not lay a lot of emphasis on manual work but more on how much we are able to build that self-confidence and create an environment in which local initiatives are turned into projects that increase people incomes and uplift their living standards. We organize between 12 and 18 work camps every year and several other projects like attachment, school exchange programme, internship, organized, guided and educational tours for schools and colleges, clubs and other groups. Volunteers coming to Kenya to participate in VICDK projects are picked at the airport on arrival by VICDK volunteers and taken either to a hotel or to VICDK volunteer families. This helps the volunteers to understand the local people and cultures better as first step before going to the rural areas where the camps are held. It is good experience far much better than hotel life where the opportunity to know and understand the country and its people is undermined. Attached find our brochure and our year programme of projects. Please ask for more information if our pamphlets do not provide the information you need. We hold work camp every month from January to December. In each of the months, we hold from one to three camps depending on number of applicants. We look forward to establish a working cooperation with you in which we can receive volunteers from your organization and also hope to send Kenyan volunteers to your organization when we are able to identify sponsors for local volunteers. For more information conduct Executive director Volunteers in Community Development Kkenya Shankardass house, 3rd floor Room 309, P.O Box 71655-00622, Nairobi, Kenya TEL. +254729277486, Email kvicds@yahoo.com



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